inspiring music posters

30 Inspiring Music Posters

inspiring music posters

Music takes a huge part in everyone’s life. It turns simple tasks into awesome and inspiring moments. You have probably seen some artist’s album or a musical poster with awesome art details that represent their music. There’s a power behind every musical icons and designs that make us listen to their song, the entire album or see a live musical concert.

Here are some of the best vector art designs made by different artists that will make you love your craft even more. We compiled all inspiring and incredible vector art designs you could incorporate in your artwork, set your mood or maybe give you a good motivation for your next project.



Session Band

soul singer session band

The Violinist

the violinist


Soothes the Soul

soothes the soul


Jazz Robot

jazz robot


Keys to Life

key to life


Fly Me to the Moon

fly me to the moon


Maneki Neko Rocks

maneki neko


Mind Vision

mind vision


Harp of Nature

harp of nature


Feast on Music

feast on music


Vintage Gears

vintage gears

Bite Billy

bite billy


Culture Trip

culture trip


Music Doodle

music doodle





Jazz Girl

jazz girl


Tycho Love

tycho love


Disco Dribble

disco dribble



boom box


Coachella Suitcase

coachella suitcase


Love Song Duet

love song duet

Music is Life

music is life


Bust a Groove

bust a groove


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