best black and white app icons for your iphone featured image

Best Black and White App Icons for Your iPhone

best black and white app icons for your iphone featured image

For the first time in iOS history, you can now personalize your home screen go crazy about using your device on a daily basis. However, with so many design themes to pick from, don’t be shocked if you struggle to create a cohesive theme and settle on an aesthetic that expresses your own sense of style for your iPhone.

Below, we present to you three of the most efficient black and white icons for your iPhone and how to install them.

ScreenKit’s Black and White Theme

top 3 black and white app icons for your iphone screenkit

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It is the #1 iOS 14 customization app on the Apple App Store today, and the only app you’ll need, with over 100 different themes and styles and almost endless options to boost your creativity. It was developed by Twinstar Creatives.

Have fun creating a slew of personalized widgets, icons, and themes from over 5000 design components — without using Apple’s Shortcuts app.

Install the desired home screen aesthetic in a fraction of the time with ScreenKit’s 1-click special theme installer.

Aside from being visually spectacular, the black and white aesthetic continuously captivates and is a timeless mix. Its sleek and monochromatic lines catch both soft and powerful shadows, providing drama and passion to your iPhone Home Screen.

Calm Icons Pack

top 3 black and white app icons for your iphone calm icons pack

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Calm App Icon Pack gives you with such exquisite themes that include wonderful app icons and backgrounds. You can also experiment with various black and white hues, such as having black icons, a white backdrop, or a black notification bar. If you don’t like grayscale, you can always use various color themes and fonts to complement your black and white icons.

The Calm App Icon set has a variety of distinct iOS 14 themes and high-resolution iOS icons, which is the nicest part about it. You may also add images or photographs to your iPhone home screen to give it a more personalized look.

You may also combine black icons for the top grid and white icons for the bottom shortcuts bar to improve the aesthetics of your iPhone. The directions included with the icon pack are straightforward, and you won’t have to squander time in order to give your iPhone IOS 14 aesthetic a personalized appearance.

iOS Ninja Black & White Minimal App Icons

top 3 black and white app icons for your iphone black white minimal app icons

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A minimalist black and white app icon set for iOS designed to give your iOS Homescreen a professional and elegant look. Currently, the collection includes two icon styles: one with a black backdrop and one with a white background. Each style has a total of 75 icons, and the theme will be updated on a regular basis to include additional icons as desired by users. Instructions for installation can be found on this page as well as in the pack files.

How to Customize iOS App Icons

Make sure you have iOS 14 installed! Here’s how you do it:

First, find and launch the Shortcuts app. It comes pre-installed; if you don’t see it right away, swipe left until you reach the App Library and start typing “Shortcuts” into the top search bar.

When you’re in the app, tap the “+” sign in the upper-right corner, followed by “Add Action.”

Shortcuts has a lot of fascinating things to test out. But for the time being, all we want to do is change the app icons. Enter “Open app” into the search field, then tap the “Open App” link.

Tap on “Choose.” A list of your apps will appear; select the one you want to personalize and you will be returned to the New Shortcut page.

In the upper-right corner, click the three dots. You’ve arrived at the Details page. Give your shortcut a name and then press the “Add to Home Screen” button.

A preview of the icon will now appear (which will be a standard, uninteresting icon that Shortcuts automatically adds). Don’t worry, we’re going to fix it. In the top-right corner, click Add.

It’s now time to find your replacement icon. There are numerous symbol sources available online, or if you are artistic and/or ambitious, you can create your own. Save the image to Photos, whether it is someone else’s or your own.

Return to the Shortcuts preview area. Tap the icon in the “Home Screen Name and Icon” section. ( You will have the option of taking a photo, selecting a photo, or selecting a file.

Assuming you’ve already saved an image in Photo, press “Choose Photo” and choose the image you wish to use.

On the following screen, a highlighted region will show which part of the photo will be displayed as an icon; you can drag the photo about until you’re satisfied with the section indicated. In the lower-right corner, tap “Choose.”

Now, you’ll see your new icon. Tap Add.

You should see your new customized icon on your home screen. Congrats!

One thing to keep in mind: when you use your new icon to access the app, you will occasionally see a small drop-down notification that tells you what the original program is named and reminds you that it is a shortcut. However, the drop-down will only be shown for a second or two, so it shouldn’t be too bothersome.

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