best easels for painting

6 Best Easels for Painting in 2022

best easels for painting

So you’ve got the perfect paints, the greatest brushes, and endless canvases – all you need now is the best easel, and you’re ready to paint your first masterpiece!

A dependable easel may be a vital piece of studio equipment whether you’re working in a studio area, a spare room, or the kitchen. A good easel may improve your posture while also providing you with a dedicated painting area. You won’t have to clear the dining table before you start painting!

Importance of Easels

Various painters receive different benefits from easels. Some painters believe that using easels allows them to paint more freely. The greater the distance between you and the easel, the more freedom of movement you will have. The ability to make movements just with the wrist will be unrestricted. This is advantageous for painters who like a free, dynamic painting approach. If you paint with vigor, you should invest in the most durable easel you can afford.

Your motions would be able to endure the force of a wooden studio easel. The stability of a lightweight aluminum easel would be compromised. This would be less of an issue if you were working on a tiny scale with delicate strokes. You’ll still need a solid easel, but you might be able to get away with a lighter one.

Here are some of the best easels available.

1. Mont Marte Heavy Duty Tripod Easel

best easels for painting mont marte heavy duty tripod easel

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The most common shape that springs to mind when thinking of an art easel is the classic A-frame. And the best art easel in this type is the Mont Marte Heavy Duty Tripod Easel.

It’s robust, solid, and long-lasting, thanks to expert handcrafting from seasoned beech wood and high-quality steel fittings. It can accommodate a canvas up to 31 inches (79cm) tall, has a convenient ledge for brushes and paints, and the frame can be adjusted to a variety of configurations.

It also folds up quickly, and while it’s a little difficult to put up, the affordable pricing makes it an ideal choice for both home and studio.

2. US Art Supply Medium Wooden H-Frame Studio Easel

best easels for painting us art supply medium wooden h frame studio easel

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For your studio, you’ll need a large, robust, and flexible easel. Then we propose the US Art Supply Medium Wooden H-Frame Studio Easel, which is our overall favorite art easel. It can accommodate a canvas up to 48 inches tall and is made of high-quality beechwood. It’s built on a solid, square base with lockable castors so you can move it about your studio to get the optimum light.

There’s also a built-in storage tray for keeping your art supplies, which can be raised from six to 42 inches from the floor depending on whether you’re sitting or standing when painting. It’s simple to tilt and adjust, and it folds flat when not in use.

3. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

best easels for painting us melissa doug deluxe standing art easel

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The Melissa & Doug Deluxe standing art easel is the best art easel for kids we’ve seen so far, and it’s designed for children aged three to six. It’s quite versatile: youngsters may use it as a dry-erase board, blackboard, or attach a sheet of paper to it with the supplied easy-clip grips and start painting or coloring.

A paper-roll holder for wiping away spills, a child-safe paper cutter, and two big and detachable plastic trays for storing painting materials are among the extras. When not in use, this easel folds flat for convenient storage, and while it isn’t inexpensive, its strong and durable construction makes it well worth the investment.

4. Meeden Heavy-Duty Tabletop Studio H-Frame

best easels for painting meeden heavy duty tabletop studio h frame

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Are you looking for a tabletop easel that isn’t too big? Then we’d recommend the Meeden Heavy-Duty Tabletop Studio H-Frame, which is both elegant and small. When folded, it measures just 13 x 14 x 4 inches.

This easel is made of solid beechwood and has seven adjustable tilt settings ranging from 41 degrees to 78 degrees, providing it a sturdy platform for working on tables. It’s lightweight and portable, and it can handle a canvas up to 23 inches in height. It’s also extremely cheap.

5. Basic Studio Easel Mabef M/09

best easels for painting basic studio easel mabef m09

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Mabef is well-known for its easels, which are recognized for their high quality and durability. And its M/09 model is unquestionably the greatest art easel on the market. The finish on this frame, which is made of stain-resistant oiled beech wood, is pretty lovely, and it’s firmly and neatly crafted.

Overall, this is a durable painting easel that will last a long time and serve as a reliable studio workhorse for any budding professional studio.

6. Ohuhu 66” Aluminum Field Easel 2 Pack

best easels for painting ohuhu 66 aluminum field easel 2 pack

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You’ll need a field easel if you’re going to do some plein air painting or drawing. And for outdoor use, we recommend the Ohuhu Aluminum Field Easel Stand. To keep your easel steady on uneven terrain, you may change the height as well as each leg separately.

Even in windy circumstances, a spring clasp secures your canvas firmly in place. It folds down to only 21 inches and fits well in one of the included carry bags, thanks to its lightweight aluminum design. Despite the low price, you get two easels for the price of one, making it an excellent value for money option.

Choosing Your First Easel

It’s vital to consider what you’ll need from an easel before purchasing one. What will you do with your easel? What is the scale of your work? What are your favorite painting mediums? How would you describe your painting style? Do you think you’d be able to stand at an easel or would you have to sit? Do you have any difficulties with accessibility that need to be addressed?

These are the kinds of questions you’ll have to ask yourself to help you narrow down your options.

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