best free online photo editors

10 Best Free Online Photo Editors

best free online photo editors

Looking for some free online photo editors for your photos? There are a lot of free online photo editors you can choose from without purchasing a license for Adobe Photoshop. Let’s start with number 1…

1. Gimp


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Specializing in photo retouching, free-form drawing, and converting image formats; Gimp is on top and is constantly being updated and improved. It is available to Windows, OS X, and GNU/Linux. This editor has loads of FREE benefits. The editing/enhancing photo tools are similar to top of the line, premium editors like Photoshop. Plus, there are NO pesky ads.

For mobile phone users that are looking for a fast and free photo editor…

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

adobe photoshop express

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This editor is actually from the popular editor Photoshop. Only, it is more aimed for fast results and day-to-day photos. For the photos that are more so taken for personal reasons rather than professional reasons, like photographers. Adobe Photoshop Express offers simple editing options from your mobile phone like contrast and brightness, or spot removal. These are more ideal for beginners. Another pro is that your original image can be accessed at any time; the editing you have done does not affect the original.

3. Pixlr


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Pixlr is another well known and used photo editor. It is beginner-friendly. Yes, it’s free and only requires an account/sign up before you are able to access the awesome editing tools Pixlr provides. This editor offers a beginner to expert range of editing tools. Though, some advanced editing options do come with a price. It’s conveniently browser accessible; even with your iPhone or Android! Pixlr offers a free graphic video editing option as well! With your photos, you can filter, fix and edit, or even add your unique touch with stickers! You can also use overlay when you edit photos with Pixlr.

4. Fotor


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Unlike prior editors discussed, Fotor is more so directed at experienced photo editors. The tools are slightly more advanced. Graphics designers would benefit from Fotor’s features and tools. Though Fotor is more for the mildly experienced and so on, it does provide basic tools like resizing and photo cropping. Some more tools that can be used with Fotor include the ability to drop shadow, align and clone. More options for this editor include creating a collage, editing, using the “Touch Up” feature, and “Batch” mode.

5. BeFunky


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Looking for a more fun-based editor instead? You may want to try out BeFunky editor! BeFunky also offers an option to make a collage. BeFunky is designed to be simple, with high-quality results. The numbers you can stack with edits and effects are infinite and completely un-doable! You can use effects you have never seen before on this free online editor. BeFunky has editing tools that can fix the poor lighting and fuzz in your photos and much more. It is known as the most feature-filled editing software in the world! You can even “Cartoonize” your selfies in BeFunky’s “Artsy” category!

6. Paint.NET

paint net

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Easy to use, and available on Microsoft Window; Paint.NET is known for its speed performance and designed to maneuver and edit quickly due to tabs. These tabs display a thumbnail for quick recognization rather than traditional text. Unlike many free online photo editing platforms; Paint.NET allows the ability to connect with other users. This platform can also help you improve your images by adding layers to edit specific portions of your photos. The editing options can range from basic to advanced; it is ideal for anyone. At the editors, convenience; Paint.NET does not restrict a certain amount of “un-do”! Switch it up and experiment as much as you’d like!

7. Canva


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Canva is not your traditional online photo editor. It comes with the basic tools you need for photo editing and also includes templates. A difference with this editor compared to the rest is that Canva is more ideal for turning your photos into something more physical like cards, invitations, or even posters. There is a payment route on Canva, but the free version is more for day-to-day users. You can be flexible with your editing skills. Canva gives you the chance to make your photos more individual-based and creative. The editor gives you the ability to add backgrounds and graphics to your creations. You can also find and utilize common tools like sharpening your photo or using saturation.

8. Photoscape


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With Photoscape, you can upload and edit your photos from mobile phones or digital cameras. This too is another editor with simple navigation. If you are interested in or enjoy creating slideshows; you may want to check out Photoscape. This free photograph editor features the following: Animated GIF, Batch Editor, Editor, Page, Merge, Print and Viewer. It also has unique filters like “Fake Tilt Shift” and “Graduated Tint”. This editor is known for its impeccable cropping ratios. Cropping does require use of other applications. Photoscape has a Photo Viewer where you can see all of your photographs in a folder. It features a Batch Editor to conviently rename, covert, or resize multiple photos. Photoscape also features a RAW Converter.

9. Google Photos

google photos

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Google Photos gives you the best of both worlds. You have unlimited storage for pictures and videos, and has a photo editing feature! The editor tools are classified in a basic range, convinent for users of all types. Your photographs can be adjusted, rotated, and cropped.

10. Lunapic


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Lunapic is a more social in terms of uploading, editing, and sharing your pictures. It features photo, sketch, and paint effects. Lunapic is designed more for social media uploading. This photo editor offers a variety of features and allows the person to add borders, filters, and more to their photos!

Editing your photos can improve the quality and meaning drastically. Finding a free online photo editing software can give you that satisfaction to make your memories that much more special and personalized. These 10 photo editors can help you create a new and improved image to your images.

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