Design Logos & Win Great Prizes!


Do you have a talent for logo design? Here is a quick way to earn extra income by joining the logo contest at Logomyway. The idea is simple. Clients will provide a detailed brief for their new logo. You will need to conceptualize and create a brand new logo. If the client picks your logo as the winning logo, you can win prizes from $200 to $1000. All prizes are prepaid, so you don’t have to worry about not getting the prize money. With the fast payout system, you can expect to receive payouts in 48 hours.

Besides participating at the contest, you can also build your design portfolio on Logomyway and gain exposure. You can also share ideas and receive feedbacks on your logo design in the fun and friendly design community.

If you are looking for fresh ideas for your logo, you can also post a logo contest. You will need to set a price between $200 to $1000. Once the designers have uploaded their designs, you can pick the winning logo and download the file. With the large pool of designers working on your logo, you will definitely find something you like!

Join the logo contest at Logomyway now!

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  1. WOW! Working for free is great. These sights exploit talent under the guise of calling themselves contests. One person gets paid & everyone else works for free.

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