evermine cooupon code

Evermine Coupon Code (20% OFF Sale)

evermine cooupon code

Weddings, parties, home-based businesses, and others that need a more personalized touch can easily achieve it with the help of Evermine (My Own Labels), a company that has been making personalized labels, tags, coasters, and invitations for special occasions including those that come from home cooking, home brewing, and basement winemaking activities.  Their products also include stationery, buttons, stamps, mint tins, and DIY printables.

My Own Labels / Evermine Coupon Code for February 2023

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coupon discount

Get 20% Off first order for business orders.

Launched in January 2000 by Jeanne Williamson, Evermine started out from being a spare-bedroom-turned office venture into a live website to cater to its growing number of customers.  After successfully operating their graphic design firm for almost twenty years, Jeanne and her husband David now manage the Evermine Company in a 10,000 sq ft building complex located in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Customers can shop at the Evermine website by choosing from a wide array of categories such as Halloween, holiday, wedding, bridal showers, wine/drink, beer/drink, food/craft, canning, baby, pets, photos, birthday, party, religious, thank you, bath and body, anniversary, graduation, and DIY printables.  If you find it hard to arrive at a decision, they also offer several personalized favor and gift concept ideas to help you all the way through the planning stage.

Label Collection

Customers can choose from the site’s huge collection of styles, shapes and colors that will surely match whatever whims they could possibly have. The labels, priced from $0.15 to $1.30 each, also include wedding, beer, photo, wine, holiday, food/craft, birthday, and others.

Tag collection

Favor hang tags become more interesting when they are personalized to help you reminisce life’s special moments and occasions.  Celebrate wedding events, birthdays, life events, and baby events with colorful tags that make wonderful souvenirs and gift hang tags. With prices that range from $0.33 to $1.50 for every piece, you may even opt to order a few more extra pieces for keepsakes.


Personalized coasters are perfect for occasions such as shower parties, weddings, anniversaries, and other special events.  Use them to impress your guests, make dinner parties memorable, and to show some appreciation to your hostess.  They also provide good ideas to commemorate fund-raising ventures, banquet parties, and family reunions.

Postage stamp collection

Customers can add a photo and some words to make their postage stamps appear superbly personal.  These custom-made postage stamps are truly licensed by the US Postal Service and can be used as legal postage wherever postage stamps from the US are accepted.  You can use these customized postage stamps when sending US mail as postcards, first-class mail, and even letters enclosed in larger envelopes.


Whether it is a button – pin back or a button magnet, customers can delight in their awesome designs in a color palette that make them truly perfect for weddings, shower parties, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, retirements and other special events. The buttons are also perfect for promotional product campaigns and company events.

Mint Tins

These customized candy tins make a lasting keepsake since you can still use the hinged tin even when the mints are already gone.  Now, this is one good idea to make a special event really unforgettable.

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