how to draw a dog

How to Draw a Dog in 10 Ways

how to draw a dog
(Credit:Jon Harris)

If you enjoy drawing and want to master the art of drawing a dog, you’ll need a lot of practice. Whether you’re a novice, just getting started or an experienced artist seeking new techniques, our list of ‘how to draw a dog’ tutorials will definitely help you.

1. How to Draw a Realistic Dog by Ali Haider

This YouTube tutorial from Art By Ali Haider is for beginners. The artist lays out in detailed steps to draw a dog with realistic fur texture. Haider says his method is to enable even the most complete beginner to draw something they once thought was impossible.

3. How to Draw a Saint Bernard

how to draw a dog in 12 ways draw a saint bernard

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In early cartoons, Saint Bernards were frequently depicted as rescuers, carrying supplies to people trapped in snowy mountain ranges. Using this step-by-step tutorial, create your own Saint Bernard.

6. Drawing a Dog in Charcoal

Kristy Partridge Art’s YouTube tutorial shows how to draw a realistic dog using charcoal. The artist also shows how to draw fur and how to use a brush with charcoal.

7. How to Draw A Realistic Dog Using Simple Shapes

how to draw a dog in 12 ways how to draw a realistic dog using simple shapes

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In this Crayola tutorial, you’ll learn how to draw the anatomy of a dog using simple shapes. To make a realistically sized dog, start with circles for the head, shoulders, and hips and link the forms with lines. See the drawing tutorial for further information.

8. How to Draw a Labrador

In this YouTube guide by Jon Harris, he demonstrates how to draw a labrador dog using HB, 2B, and 4B pencils. He estimates that this should take around 2 hours and 52 minutes to complete, but those merely starting out may take a bit longer.

9. Draw a Dog from a Photograph

how to draw a dog in 12 ways draw a dog from a photograph

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Sharpen your pencils and, with a little practice, learn how to capture the cuteness. Anyone may learn how to draw a dog using a photograph and basic creative skills by following this lesson and following some simple steps.

10. Claudia Sketches’ Dog Sketching Tutorial

This tutorial not only teaches how to draw a dog, but Claudia also points out common mistakes people do when it comes to dog drawing. The best part is her tips can be applied to many types of dog breeds.

2. How to Draw a Dog in Five Different Ways

how to draw a dog in 12 ways how to draw a dog in five different ways

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You’ll discover five different methods of drawing a dog in this compilation of five simple, step-by-step instructions. To begin, create a cartoon dog that is sitting. The next article shows how to shade a sitting hound dog to make him look like a Doberman. After that, you can create a cartoon dog standing up, a traditional dog, and a realistic Doberman dog.

5. How to Draw Dogs in Colored Pencil

how to draw a dog in 12 ways how to draw dogs in colored pencil

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Carrie Lewis demonstrates how she drew a black dog by layering various different colors in this drawing tutorial. This demonstration’s sketch is a portrait of a black Bouvier. With each step, the drawing should grow more distinct and precise, starting with the original sketch and first layers of color and ending with the last layers.

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