aligning objects tips

Illustrator Tip #22: Aligning Objects Accurately

aligning objects tips

Today I am going to show you a very useful illustrator trick to quickly aligning objects accurately. Instead of just selecting all the objects and pressing the Horizontal Align Center button in Pathfinder, I am going to show you how to align to guide or to your main object. Something you might encounter in your daily artwork.

Aligning to Guide

Aligning your objects to the guide is pretty simple. Make sure the guide is not locked and it is selectable. Select all your shapes and the guide. (grossmancapraroplasticsurgery) Click the guide once more to set it as the “key object”. Next click the horizontal align button in Align Window and your objects will align with the guide. Sweet!

Aligning to an Object

This is a common problem. You want to align several objects with the main object. Select all your objects and click your main object to set it as the “Key object” Click align button  and the rest of the objects will align with it.

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