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Royalty Free Vector Art

Here is my collection of stock vectors licensed for your commercial projects. All vectors are royalty free and you are allow to use an unlimited amount of times for your projects.

Stock Vectors Gallery:

Glossy Icons Vector Art

Matte Icons Vector Art

Seals & Awards Vector Art

Seals & Awards Vector Art

Celebrations Vector Art

Christmas Vector Art

(All vectors are for sales through iStockphoto. It is the our exclusive agent who handles the sales and copyrights of the vectors.)


What is vector?
Vector is a piece of illustration made up of paths which are fully editable in any vector drawing software. Unlike bitmap, vector are scalable, that makes it stay sharp and crisp no matter how big you print or scale it.

Why buy stock vectors?
Stock vectors make life easier for designers as it saves time from creating artwork from scratch. You can browse throught the collection and purchase designs you like and used it as part of the design element for your projects.

All vectors sold at iStockphoto is royalty free that means you are free to use it after you have purchased it. And royalty free vectors are cheap. That makes it the perfect solution when you are on a tight budget.

After you have purchased the vector, you are allowed to use it an unlimited amount of times in personal or commercial projects.

What is
All vector art in vectordiary are sold in iStockphoto. It is our exclusive agent who helps market and protect the copyrights of the artwork.

All license agreement and privacy policy on the use of vectors are published on

How do I edit the files?
All vectors sold on are EPS 8.0 files which can be opened with any software that supports EPS 8.0 files. The most popular software is Adobe Illustrator and Freehand. You can easily edit or change the colours in Illustrator if you have knowledge with working on the tools. The vector packs can also opened with Photoshop, however you won’t be able to edit the shapes.

How do I buy from
All images are paid with credits. You will have to signup an account and purchase the credit to download the images. When you purchase today through my link, you will receive 10 free credits! This is worth more than $10!

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