Glossy Icons

Glossy Icons

This is a collection of some nice glossy icons series. You can find a wide range of selection from shopping carts to internet icons for your website. (

Internet Shopping Icons 2

glossy eshopping

Great online shopping vector icons. You will find shopping cards, sales tag, cashier, mystery gift, money, delivery, coupons, credit card and many more useful icons for your online merchant website.

Download Internet Shopping Icons 2

Internet Shopping Icons 3

glossy eshopping 3

Second collection of shopping vector icons. You will find grocery, shoes, toys, shopping bags, computers and many great shopping items to add on.

Download Internet Shopping Icons 3

Glossy Web Icons

glossy web icons

Need some internet icons for your website. You will find some nice glossy icons like home, user account, folders, emails, back and forward buttons and many more!

Download Glossy Web Icons

Internet Icons

glossy internet icons

Second collection to add on to your internet icons. Calendar, address book, search, rss, link icons and many more…

Download Internet Icons

Office Icons

glossy office icons

Some nice vector office icons for use. You will find printer, calendar, address book, light bulb, documents, briefcase etc.

Download Office Icons

Office Icons 2

glossy office 2 icons

The second series of the office icons focus more on meeting. You will find cabinet, businessman, projection scree, meetings, folders, clipboard and more..

Download Office Icons 2

Business Icons

glossy business icons

12 nice business icons for your finance website. This vector set contains money, coins, businessman, bank, safety box, stock charts, security lock and contract agreements.

Download Business Icons

Finance Icons

glossy finance icons

Finance icons vector set contains money, briefcase, graph charts, stock diagrams, calculator, money and foreign exchange symbols.

Download Finance Icons

Webmaster Icons

glossy webmaster icons

Great webmaster icons for web hosting websites. Contains security, troubleshooting, help, security lock, servers, computer, help desk, user accounts and networking concepts.

Download Webmaster Icons

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