30 inspiring background patterns

30 Inspiring Background Patterns

30 inspiring background patterns

Looking for nicely done and inspiring background patterns? Here is a list of top 30 best and most used background pattern collection that will surely give your art an awesome support to show off your art skills:

Magic Waves

magic waves

This seamless pattern looks very attractive that can surely catch your attention which is design by Markovka. It has a very colorful combination with lots of beautiful abstract details; the pattern is well hand-drawn with variations of curly, thin and thick detail edges that results to a very beautiful magical wave seamless patterns perfect for any background uses.

Seamless Patterns 2012

seamless patterns 2012

Seamless Pattern Design

seamless pattern design

Simple Wallpaper

simple wallpaper

This pattern is a simple and yet very elegant to look at, design by Anders Larsson. It has a great detail of circles and lines with outline edges to create a more colorful approach. This design is perfect to use for collage, book covers, school projects and other types of artistic layout. This is great for wallpapers; just add other details to it and you can surely create smashing wallpapers of your own design.

Seamless Patterns Fabric and Surface Design

seamless patterns fabric and surface design

Seamless Patterns with Robots

seamless patterns with robots

Evernote Conference Identity

evernote conference identity

This pattern is a result of Matt Steven’s patience and consistent work in creating very beautiful patterns for wide applications. This is specifically created for Evernote’s 2013 conference materials for its illustrations and logos. The details of the patterns are uniquely combined together that results to a beautiful output but you can pulled out the pieces and each detail is also beautiful.

Geo Seamless Pattern

geo seamless pattern

Seamless Pattern with Stylized Hearts

seamless pattern with stylized hearts

Summer Is Coming

summer is coming

This pattern is another beautiful creation of Markovka that offers many beautiful cartoon-like and colorful details that result to very attractive patterns when all combined together. It is a floral seamless pattern with many small and cool details that when tiled repeatedly you will get a smashing tea inspired patterns perfect for background use.

Psychedelic Seamless Patterns

psychedelic seamless patterns

Gold Seamless Pattern

gold seamless pattern

Summer Charm

summer charm

This is a beautiful floral seamless pattern that can be used for any artistic layout of your choice like page backgrounds, wallpapers, pattern fills and others. This is design by Markovka for wide applications with many attractive details like birds, flowers, leaves, shapes, vines and many more others to create an attractive and smashing look. (Simonsezit)


patterns 3019059

Seamless Patterns

seamless patterns

Vertigogrphx Patterns

vertigogrphx patterns

This pattern is a collection of beautiful seamless patterns that offers a new innovation of textures and graphic combinations. The designer of this collection is Zdenek Hojzak, he is focus in creating patterns for art professionals like art directors, fashion designers, architects, graphical artist and many more others alike. You can find many beautiful and fresh textures and graphics for wide applications.

Ocean Is In My Heart

ocean is in my heart


patterns 3413313

Fresh Pattern

fresh pattern

This pattern is a beautiful collection of fresh and stylish summer doodles with lots of details like birds, flowers, butterflies, leaves, insects, fruits and other shapes. This seamless pattern is designed by Markovka for arts that need a romantic approach, you can tile this pattern and it will give you a very attractive art that can be perfect for web backgrounds, wallpapers and others.

Seamless Circles Hand Drawn Pattern Circles Background

seamless circles hand drawn pattern circles background

Tick Tock

tick tock

Bedclothes Pattern

bedclothes pattern

This pattern is a very attractive and colorful seamless pattern, another creative artwork designed by Markovka. This seamless pattern is perfect for creating any artwork of your choice like wallpapers, web page backgrounds and also you can use this as design layout for cloth material like bed sheets and pillow cases. You can tile the square patterns and create a huge colorful art of your own with Bedclothes pattern.

Scandinavian Lotus

scandinavian lotus


patterns 1609829

Diagonal Seamless Pattern

diagonal seamless pattern

This seamless Pattern is an illustration of diagonal lines, designed by Iaroslav Lazunov. It looks simple and soothing to the eyes with bright colors. It will give you a beautiful pattern if you will tile this repeatedly and create an artwork that will give you an eye catching approach. Though you can easily make diagonal seamless patterns from Adobe, this is one of the patterns that you should check out, it’s simple but yet very attractive.

Seamless Fish Pattern

seamless fish pattern



Im In Love With Fish Seamless Pattern

im in love with fish seamless pattern

This pattern is one of the most attractive and inspiring seamless patterns with a fish theme, designed by Markovka. This is inspired from Markovka’s living environment surrounded with seas and as a result an abstract fish illustration was created. It has other details as well to complete the smashing abstract art like flowers, leaves and other shapes.

Seamless Psychedelic Patterns

seamless psychedelic patterns



Russian Style

russian style

This pattern is a collection of beautiful and colorful seamless patterns inspired from Russian theme, designed by Marian Galybina. It has many beautiful Russian details combined together to give you a nice and very attractive seamless pattern. You can tile this pattern to create a wider version of arts perfect for wallpaper designs, backgrounds, covers and many others.

Latticework Pelicans

latticework pelicans



This pattern is a beautiful and colorful abstract seamless pattern in 3 different continuous series perfect for any layout designs of your choice. You can use this pattern as wallpaper, web page backgrounds, book covers, and many other uses. This pattern is one of the best design arts by Muti, the choice of colors and combination of colors is also great mix and match.

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