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Adobe Spark Review + (20% Promotion Offer)

What is Adobe Spark?

adobe spark

Adobe Spark is a part of the Creative Cloud from Adobe that is free to use if you an Adobe account.

The service allows you to develop creative social marketing. This can be used for businesses, content creators, or basically anyone who has something they want to put out into the world with some flair. You can make memes, videos, web content, and all sorts of other things that will be visually appealing and suit your needs.

The program is a consolidation of some of Adobe’s older tools into a newer, more easily usable platform. What used to be Adobe Post, Adobe Slate, and Adobe Voice have become Spark Post, Spark Page, and Spark Video respectively.

In this article, we will aim to delve into the details of Adobe Spark and show you some of the things it can do to improve your marketing presence.


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Adobe Spark Post

adobe spark post

This feature is developed to create graphics and memes for you to share and promote your ideas. It comes with preset templates for your text to go into depending on the social media platform you intend for it to end up on. You can use a one size fits all approach here or tailor fit your design to suit each individual network. (Tadalafil)

It even supplies you with stock imagery to use so you don’t have to go hunting around the web for an image that matches your text. There are options in these templates to move in your own images if you already have something that you believe works perfectly for what you intend if you prefer.

They will then allow you to select a filter for your image and give you font options as well as background modifications to make your text stand out amidst your graphical background.

You’ll then be able to share all your hard work with integrated social media sharing and save all of your progress to be saved under the My Projects tab.

Adobe Spark Page

adobe spark page

Spark Page is a unique tool that sort of allows you to make a mini-website. Basically, it makes a single page responsive web layout that you can populate with as many things as you want.

It’s a great feature you can use as an embedded link or something you can have like a brief representation of some of your work. It allows you to add in photos, videos, collages, or slideshows as little snapshots of some things you have accomplished.

Adobe Spark Video

Spark Video is a feature you can use to create, you guessed it, videos that promote your idea or tell a story. Like the other options, it comes with some preset templates that you will have access to. Some examples of these would be “Promote an Idea”, “Tell a story” and things of that nature.

If you don’t like any of the templates and prefer to do this kind of thing on your own there is a “Start from Scratch” button you can opt to click.

You’ll start with about as much as you had with Post and Page. Just some text and a general idea of what you want to do with it. You will then be given a storyboard at the bottom that will make advisements on avenues you can take during the production process.

It gives you the option to add some music in the background that Adobe Spark has built-in. Or if you prefer your own tracks you can upload those as well. There are also different themes for color pallets and background you can select depending on the type of look you want your creation to express.

There is a share feature is there just like with the other two tools so you can easily export your project to your social media platform of choice.

It is worth noting that this video tool is not as robust as some other platforms if you are experienced in creating video content. Though it is very supportive of a beginner in this field and promotes a very high amount of ease-of-use.

Adobe Spark Paid Plan

Now with everything that is free nowadays on the internet, of course, there is going to be a premium option.

If you go with the free plan there’s going to be little Adobe Spark watermarks put into your projects. Basically using you as an advertiser for the platform at the cost of letting you use its features for free.

But if you want to remove the pesky little advertisement from your creative endeavors you can pay $9.99 a month for full access to all of Adobe Spark’s branding tools. You could opt to get this tool as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan which is priced at $29.99 a month for personal use which gives you access to a slew of other tools from Adobe as well.

If you opt to go with this option you’ll have access to the same level of content creation that you had with the three main tools. You’ll be able to upload an image and some text and select from font and themes styles to make your own branding stand out amongst your other content.

• Very beginner-friendly
• Ease-of-use
• Great for small business and start-ups
• Good set of free tools

• Watermarks on the free version
• Some social media integration is not available

Adobe Spark Review Summary

Adobe Spark is a good tool for someone just getting into the realm of social media marketing or a student that has an idea they want to share but a limited amount of funds to make it a reality.

The paid version is pretty good and for most people dealing with the watermarks is going to be fine for personal use. But if you really want to take it to the next level and not have someone else’s marketing slapped all over your own you are going to have to pay for the whole thing. At $9.99 it’s not a huge investment but if you’re already going that far you might as well just go for the “All Apps” plan to get access to everything Creative Cloud has.

When all is said and done it is a good product with zero risk to try out due to a large number of free features that it offers you.

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