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15 Best 70s Fonts for a Retro Look

The 1970s were a unique and fascinating time period, characterized by brightly-colored fashion, disco music, and a general sense of freedom and fun. If you’re looking to capture that retro feel in your own design work, then you’ll need to choose the right fonts. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best 70s fonts to help you get that retro look.

Some of the most popular fonts from the 1970s include Psychedelic, Groovy, and Funky. These funky fonts are perfect for creating invitations, posters, and other graphics with a retro vibe. If you want to stay true to the era, be sure to use plenty of bright colors in your design. For a more subtle 70s look, try using softer colors like pastels or earth tones. And don’t forget about adding a few geometric patterns or swirls for an extra touch of whimsy.

1. Superb

Superb is a hand-drawn typeface with a 1950s restaurant sign look based on an actual brush pen script. It is reminiscent of hand-painted signs from the summers of the 1960s and 1970s.

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2. Seventies

This font embodies the most recognizable stylistic characteristics of the 70s, as its name suggests. The broad and curved lettering are reminiscent of old screen-printed rock posters.

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3. Mustardo

This script’s crisp, curled ligatures and swashes are an homage to vintage branding and packaging. This unique headline font style provide diversity and visual intrigue.

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4. Tuesnight

The inspiration for Tuesnight came directly from the screen in the 70s. You can feel the era’s gameshows and blockbusters evoked by the eccentric forms, swashes, and ligatures that interact and play with other characters.

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5. Frito Vandito

This font appears to have been taken straight out of a surfers’ van circa 1973. This broad and rounded typeface draws the eye because it is inspired by the wandering lifestyle of the van culture. The thin lines and squared-off loops give it the appearance of a vintage racer, making it an excellent choice for a title or display typeface.

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6. Cooper Black Swash

Cooper Black is the most well-known of its type family, and Cooper Black Swash offers a fresh spin on a time-honored design. It mixes the letterpress form with prolonged swashes to give an already captivating typeface an eye-catching touch.

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7. Kehlin

Not only were music and television at their peak during the 1970s but also printed periodicals and advertising. Kehlin exquisitely conveys the luxury and thrill of the expanding economy.

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8. Neato Serif Font Family

Neato Serif is a hand-drawn font with a distinctive character. Its thin swirled extenders and playful ligatures, reminiscent of older schoolbook typefaces, gives it a whimsical quality reminiscent of childhood.

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9. Lovadelic + Extras

You will transport your audience back to the hippy era of the 1970s with the help of this psychedelic font. Comprehensive script and dense, interlocking ligatures and swashes capture the essence of the retro look. It includes a collection of quirky glyphs and symbols that can be used as design elements. I have narcolepsy. Have been taking Provigil/Modafinil for many years with good results https://ochoaspharmacy.com/modafinil

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10. Summer 0f 76

This triple-line all-caps typeface evokes the neon lights of a bygone summer night and will stand out amid other headline texts. This font is a fantastic choice for modern design because it is bold and stylish.

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11. Saturday Night Font Family

Use this sparkling retro typeface to dance the night away. The best way to make this family look three-dimensional is to overlay it with various colors. There are seven unique interlocking typefaces included for layering styles.

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12. CA Magic Hour

CA Magic Hour is inspired by the supersonic jet-Concorde in the 70s. Thanks to its streamlined lines and slanted appearance, this font seems as swift as the supersonic jets it inspires.

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13. Funky Bold Script Font

Areyou trying to recreate the enthusiasm of the 70s disco? If so, Funkies Bold Script Font can help you achieve that look!

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14. Boldie Slab Typeface

Because of the prevalent slab typefaces in commercials and product logos in the 1970s, Boldie Slab is a good font if you want to recreate that look.

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15. Assox Typeface

One of our list more unusual choices is Assox typeface. It is primarily used in brand packages and comic book designs back in the 70s. If you want to create timeless brands that appeal to various audiences, this might be the 70s font for you.

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