10 best infographic makers online featured image

10 Best Infographic Makers Online

10 best infographic makers online featured image

If you have a lot of data to present, an infographic maker can come in handy. These useful tools can help you turn mountains of confusing data into appealing, easy-to-understand visualizations. Making your own infographics from scratch can result in unique and creative results, but it might take a long time.

So we’ve compiled a list of fantastic infographic maker tools and apps to help you.

1. Canva Infographic Tool

best infographics makers online canva infographic tool

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Canva is a versatile and user-friendly online design tool that can be used for everything from brochures to presentations and much more. It also provides users with access to a large library of photos, icons, fonts, and features.

It comes with a dedicated infographic builder that you can use for free, as well as hundreds of free design components and typefaces and a variety of premium elements that you can purchase for $1.

2. Adobe Spark

best infographics makers online adobe spark

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Adobe Spark is the tool to use if you need to create infographics quickly and efficiently for social media. It contains over 10,000 templates and thousands of free license-free components to help you improve your design. There is a basic free plan, but you’ll need to upgrade to unlock all of the features and get rid of the Adobe Spark branding.

Spark is a drag-and-drop editor that comes with a default template to get you started. Choose a template from the list and begin editing it. You may customize the backdrop, text, image, icon, and logo (if you have one). When you’re finished, you can resize the infographic for your preferred social platform with a single click, then download it.

3. Snappa

best infographics makers online snappa

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Snappa, a highly regarded graphics tool, can help you create extremely appealing infographics that will pique your audience’s interest. It’s incredibly simple to use, with plenty of pre-made layouts and a database of high-resolution photos — over 4,000,000 to be exact. It features a variety of text effects and visuals to drop in, as well as the ability to erase image backdrops with a simple click. You may also share directly to social media from within the software. There’s a free plan (one user, 6,000 templates, and three downloads per month), as well as subscription plans starting at $10 per month with greater functionality.

4. Venngage

best infographics makers online venngage

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In our list of the finest infographic makers, Venngage is one of the most popular choices. There are a lot of innovative templates to choose from (more than 7,500, in fact). It’s simple to use and has a useful image search function that makes discovering and adding photos to your infographics a snap.

Though there are numerous features accessible, such as font upload and the ability to export in Powerpoint and even interactive PDF, many of them are only available as part of a Business account, with a significant difference between the Premium and Business plans. However, there is a reasonable Free plan, and the Premium subscription offers you everything you need to create professional-looking infographics.

5. DesignCap

10 best infographic makers online designcap

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DesignCap is a free infographic maker that’s easy to use and has a good selection of templates — however, some of the finer ones will cost you money. It also includes icons, graphics, and stock imagery, as well as the option to contribute your own. You can export up to five jpgs for free, or upgrade to a basic subscription ($4.99/mo) for limitless templates and high-resolution png and pdf exports.

6. Piktochart

10 best infographic makers online piktochart

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Look no further if you’re looking for an entry-level infographic maker. Piktochart takes the guesswork out of creating an infographic by providing easy-to-customize templates.

You’ll be able to change the layout and color scheme to your heart’s content once you’ve uploaded your information. Piktochart is a terrific method to get started with infographics, which are an art form in and of itself. There are several payment choices available, including a free account that allows you to create up to five visualizations, but you must pay to remove the Piktochart watermark.

7. Visme


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Visme claims to be able to help you “speak visually.” It can be used to create presentations, but it’s best for making interesting infographics. This infographic builder comes with over 100 fonts (see our list of free fonts), millions of free photos, and hundreds of high-quality icons, as well as video and audio choices (including the ability to record a voiceover directly in the editor, which is handy). You can also use animation to make your text more understandable.

Visme stands out from the other tools on this list since it allows users to create an infographic in just a few minutes using a library of pre-made assets that can be dragged and dropped into place. This enables even non-designers to see their data. Visme also allows customers to build dynamic and animated infographics, allowing them to make their numbers and statistics sing like never before.

8. Mind the Graph

10 best infographic makers online mindthegraph

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Although Mind the Graph specializes in scientific infographics, its tools may be used to generate pictures to go along with most types of data that aren’t found in scientific journals. The online infographic maker offers a variety of infographic layouts that can be used to create a variety of visual illustrations right away.

Mind the Graph has thousands of icons that may be used for non-scientific applications as well as to liven up a long journal paper, and you can make modifications on the fly using the built-in image editor and online updater. There is a free version of the software that may be used to test it out. The commercial editions begin at $5 for the Junior version, which is geared toward college students and infrequent users.

9. Infogram

10 best infographic makers online infogram

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Infogram is a fantastic tool that allows you to make amazing infographics using a range of graphs, charts, and maps as well as the ability to input photos and videos. In an Excel-style tool, you add and change the data that makes up the infographic, and the contents of the tool are represented in your design. The software will also adjust the appearance of the infographic to better portray your data.

When you’re satisfied with your infographic, you can share it with the world by posting it on the Infogram website, embedding it on your own website, or sharing it on social media. The free version (up to 10 projects and 13 map types) is available for download, while paid versions start at $19 per month.

10. Google Charts

10 best infographic makers online google charts

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Google’s charting tools are powerful, easy to use, and completely free. To exactly match the appearance and feel of your website, you can choose from a range of charts and specify a broad set of parameters. Google Charts is a simple infographic builder for your website that connects your data in real-time.

Best Infographic Design Apps and Websites

Infographics are a fantastic method to communicate a lot of complex information in a fun and engaging way. They provide fun ways to spice up presentations and motivate authors to use abilities ranging from graphic design to math. These tools and websites for making and designing infographics can assist teachers and students express concepts and demonstrate learning by broadening visual and conceptual thinking while also building key design skills.

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