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10 Best iPad Cases 2021

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Buying an iPad is an investment, and pairing an iPad case with it is one of the best ways to safeguard that investment.

However, picking the proper case isn’t always easy. Whether you’re looking for something elegant and minimal or military-grade protection, there are plenty of alternatives to suit your style and needs.

The best cases are sleek and durable without adding excessive heft to your bag.  We’ve compiled and tested over a dozen cases to find the best iPad case within your budget.

The Best iPad Cases for Protecting Your Device

1. Zugu Alpha iPad Case

best ipad cases zugu alpha ipad case

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Many otherwise good cases are held back from greatness by their shaky stands. The Zugu Alpha Case, on the other hand, is a winner for its secure, magnetized stand with eight angle variations, as well as its overall good quality and solid list of features.

The case is made of microfiber, fiberglass, and vegan leather, and it protects your phone from everyday wear and tear as well as drops up to five feet. It has a small window for your Apple pencil, a sleep/wake cover, and a powerful magnet that can adhere your iPad to the refrigerator. It is, nevertheless, a slimline and non-bulky case that does not feel heavy in your bag.

2. OtterBox Defender Series Case

best ipad cases otterbox defender series case

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The OtterBox Defender Series, which gives the protection of an imaginary armored tank to your gadgets, is for individuals who put their iPads through hell—or for those of us with little children who do.

It can withstand the abuse of a restless toddler because to its scratch-proof body, two meters of drop protection, and built-in screen protector. Dust and debris are kept out by using port covers on all of the jacks. And that protection is quite long-lasting.

3. ESR Slim Case for iPad

best ipad cases esr slim case for ipad

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The ESR Slim case is made of a strong and flexible TPU plastic that protects your tablet from dents and scratches while not peeling or cracking like harder plastic cases do. It fits your tablet like a glove, but it’s still simple to put on and take off.

The magnetic clasp of the screen cover wakes your iPad when you open it and puts it to sleep when you close it. When you want to use your iPad in viewing mode (at a 65-degree angle) or typing mode (at a 30-degree angle), the cover folds into thirds to form a sturdy triangle stand.

4. i-Blason New iPad 9.7 Case

best ipad cases i blason new ipad 9 case

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Kids are spending more time on their tablets as remote learning becomes the norm and Covid keeps them away from friends more often than not—and those tablets are beginning to show the weariness we all feel. To keep the technology on which your child relies looking new and running smoothly, you’ll need a case that can withstand some abuse.

This tough, low-cost TPU case can withstand a six-foot drop and has a convenient, kid-friendly carry handle that converts into a sturdy stand. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase the screen protector add-on if you want full, child-proof impact protection.

5. Speck BalanceFolio Case for iPad

best ipad cases speck balancefolio case for ipad

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The Balance Folio by Speck is a slim, low-cost case made of imitation leather and strong TPU plastic. The case isn’t particularly strong in any one area, yet it ticks all the right boxes and does a little bit of everything well. With raised corners on the inner shell to shield the screen and four feet of drop protection, it’s robust and solid-feeling overall.

Snap your tablet into the case, which features sleep and wake capabilities whether the screen cover is closed or opened. In viewing mode, grooves on the interior of the screen cover allow you to set it up at a variety of angles.

6. Logitech Combo Touch

best ipad cases logitech combo touch

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The Apple Magic Keyboard cover is a technological marvel, but you don’t have to spend near-laptop pricing to convert your tablet into a working laptop. The Logitech Combo Pad is far less expensive than Apple’s equivalent and provides the majority of the same features, including a trackpad.

Furthermore, the Combo Pad’s backlit keyboard includes brightness and volume settings, as well as other useful keys like a play/pause button. The casing is strong and long-lasting, and it may be used with or without the keyboard.

7. Casemade iPad Pro 11 Real Leather Case

best ipad cases casemade ipad pro 11 real leather case

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The Casemade, made of natural Italian cowhide leather, enriches your tablet experience without compromising any of the ruggedness or usefulness of a less aesthetically pleasing casing. When you unzip the screen cover, the case offers a sleep/wake function, easy access to all ports, and a robust and snug-fitting but flexible polymer mold that makes snapping your iPad in or out a breeze.

The cover of the case folds back and hooks into itself to form a secure triangle stand. It’s more pricey than plastic replicas, but it feels amazing in your hands and looks great on your desk or bookshelf.

8. Shellbox Waterproof Case

best ipad cases shellbox waterproof case

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The Shellbox has your iPad covered whether you spend a lot of time outside and don’t want to worry about rain or water damaging your tablet, or you actually want to take some underwater videos. The rubber case is simple to put on and take off, and it’s fully sealed to provide IP68 water and dust protection—sand-proof, it’s dust-proof, snow-proof, and fully submersible for up to an hour at a depth of 6.6 feet.

It’s also fall-proof up to two meters, so it’s tough enough to withstand disasters on land, in addition to all that ocean protection. The case is small and comes with a lanyard, yet it still provides you access to all of the ports and buttons.

9. JETech Case

best ipad cases jetech case

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The JETech case is a winner for a simple case that will get the job done at a reasonable price. It provides complete protection for your iPad by wrapping around the sides and back, as well as featuring a display cover to protect your screen when not in use. The case combines durable polycarbonate with soft polyurethane for long-lasting protection that also absorbs stress.

That front cover also serves as an automatic toggle for your display, allowing it to sleep while closed and wake up when opened. That effectively ticks all of the boxes for what a case should accomplish and then goes a little further, yet it costs far less than $20.

10. TiMOVO Case

best ipad cases timovo case

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When you get a case for your iPad, you don’t have to sacrifice the beautiful appearance. A clear case will allow the original colors and style of your device to shine through while yet offering adequate protection. The TiMOVO case is designed to perform all of these things and more. It has a translucent back that allows your iPad to shine through, as well as a functioning front cover.

The cover is available in a variety of colors, so you can choose one that matches or complements the color of your iPad. The folio cover not only protects your iPad’s display but also gives you more ways to use the device. The cover is divided and folds up into a stable triangle. This allows it to function as a stand, allowing you to position your iPad at a low angle for convenient typing or at a raised angle for comfortable viewing.

What to Look for in an iPad Case


Apple’s iPad lineup has grown significantly since its humble beginnings as a single model, and you can now find a variety of models in a variety of sizes and models. The iPad Pro is presently available in huge 12.9-inch and 11-inch models, and the fourth-generation iPad Air has a similar design. With a home button and a 10.2-inch screen, Apple’s entry-level iPad retains a more traditional look.

Older iPad Pro and iPad Air versions with 10.5-inch and 9.7-inch screens are still available. However, don’t only look at the screen size; the thickness of different models differs as well.


Because the major reason for purchasing an iPad case is to protect your iPad, you’ll want to make sure that the case you choose will withstand whatever you plan to do with it. You might be able to get away with only a cover if you regularly carry it in a laptop or messenger bag, but if you want to take it around on its own or throw it into a backpack, you’ll need something more tough to protect it from dents, scratches, and probable drops.


Almost all iPad cases can be used as a stand to prop up your iPad, but make sure they allow the angles and orientations you want; many work well in landscape, but can be awkward if you want to use your iPad in portrait orientation for things like FaceTime calls. Consider whether you want a place for your Apple Pencil or pockets for extra wires or paperwork. If you intend to use your iPad on the go, you should search for a case with a strap or handle on the rear so you can hold it securely while working.

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