Best Timeline Infographic Templates

6 Best Timeline Infographic Templates

Best Timeline Infographic Templates

A timeline infographic can be used to present complex timeline stories into easy-to-understand graphics. Timelines are extremely useful for highlighting a person’s life, sharing a company’s history, or detailing a historical event.

Using the right timeline infographic template will assist you in creating a design that is both attractive and informative.

We’ll walk you through six different ways you can use a timeline template to improve your brand.

What to Consider Before Designing an Awesome Timeline Infographic?

Before creating a timeline infographic, you have to consider several aspects:

  1. What do you use it for? For presentations, for social media, or something else?
  2. What types of timeline will you choose? Horizontal, vertical, or winding?
  3. How to create the visual hierarchy of information to attract the intention of your audience

Best Timeline Infographic Templates

Here are six timeline infographic templates to help you get started.

1. Chronological Timeline Infographic Template

chronological american history timeline
Credit: Lin Zagorski Design

A basic chronological informational graphic is the most common type of timeline infographic. You choose a subject and share some details about what happened in relation to that topic over a period of time.

Sharing details in the form of a timeline, such as changes and milestones, is ideal for infographics. It is easy to understand and aids in the comprehension of each piece of data.

2. Company Background Timeline Infographic

company background timeline infographic
Credit: Sanjana Shah

Another common use for a timeline infographic is to share a company’s history or background. This can be embedded on your company’s website or posted on social media to help you build your reputation as an industry expert.

Sharing a company history timeline chart with potential clients is a perfect way to let them know how long you’ve been in the industry. It’s also a fun way to commemorate a company anniversary or other exciting achievement.

Giving your viewers a visual image of what’s going on in your business is always a good idea.

3. Event Timeline Infographic Template

Event Timeline Infographic Template
Credit: H.Q. Roosevelt

Is your company having a conference? Is there a way for your event planning company to help both vendors and hosts envision the day’s timeline?

While it can seem unusual, an event timeline infographic is a creative and useful way to share this information.

4. Project Timeline Infographic Template

Project Timeline Infographic Template
Credit: templateli

The most significant distinction between this sort of timeline infographic and the others is that it contains time frames into the future. It has very clear goals and deadlines in mind. Creating a project with specific time stamps for the future is critical for any company.

A visual representation of the project timeline is the best way to share it with your team and audience and keep everyone informed about what to expect from your business.

5. Historical Timeline Infographic Template

Historical Timeline Infographic
Credit: Mona J

When we say “historical,” we might mean a few different things. To start, you can create a historical timeline infographic that covers historical events. Natural disasters or conflicts, for example.

Sharing historical events or pieces of events can be educational for your audience and add value to your brand. Sharing the history of a product, whether it’s a cake or anything completely different, is an excellent way to teach your audience about your business.

6. Biographical Timeline Infographic Template

Biographical Timeline infographic Template

A timeline infographic is an excellent way to visually and engagingly share biographical details about an individual. A timeline infographic is your best friend when it comes to highlighting Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook launch or visualizing your CEO’s journey.

Everyone remembers information differently, and adding a biographical infographic into the story is an excellent way to reach out to a wide range of people. There are numerous reasons why a biographical timeline infographic should be produced.

Share facts about a historical figure, highlight a famous politician or businessperson or submit a biographical infographic of yourself to a friend for their upcoming birthday. The options are limitless!

Wrapping Up

Data and research are key to creating a good infographic. Brainstorm creative ways to present all the important information in a sketch before you start illustrating.

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