Illustrator Tutorial: 3D Gear

I will be showing you how to draw a 3d gear easily in this Illustrator tutorial. To make things more interesting, I will be using opacity mask to show through the wireframe of the gear. After this tutorial you will have a better understanding on drawing gears and 3D extrude tool in Adobe Illustrator.


Illustrator Trick #2: Tilde Fun

Many beginners may not have heard of the “tilde” key trick. It’s the ~ key just beside the number 1 keypad. By holding the tilde key, you can drag to create new shapes following your mouse direction. You can only use it with other shape tools in your tool palette. Combine it with Alt/Option, Shift/Command …

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6 months of iStockdiary

After 6 months of hard work on working on my website, I’m finally getting a PageRank for my website! And it’s a PageRank of 4 which I think is quite good for a start. My current Alexa Rank is 414,513 and I’m working hard to hit the 100,00 mark by end of year. Thanks for …

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Illustrator Tutorial: Stamp

Let me show you how to draw a nice vector stamp in this Illustrator tutorial. We have seen how others draw circles and blend to specified steps to create the dotted lines and subtract it from a rectangle. But I find it too much of a hassle and work. So why am I rewriting on …

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Illustrator Tutorial: Disco Ball

I did a quick search to find an illustrator tutorial on creating a vector disco ball but I couldn’t find one. So I’ve decided to write this tutorial to help those interested in creating this awesome disco ball effect. It is actually quite simple, the technique is to create the texture first and map it …

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The First Adobe Illustrator

This is the VHS tape that was shipped with Illustrator 1.0. It’s amazing to see that Illustrator 1.0 is already so powerful.


Color Theory

Here is a short article on color from iStockphoto. Recommended reading for beginners learning about color. Excerpt: When creating a very dense composition with lots of elements stuffed into a single image, it’s easy to let color overwhelm the viewer. The trick is not to use as many bright colors as possible, but to use …

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