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12 Places to Find Remote Graphic Design Jobs

places find remote graphic design jobs featured image

Being a designer in a world of almost infinite remote graphic design jobs allows you to work from almost anywhere if you so choose. However, finding high-quality remote graphic design jobs can be more difficult than it appears. Not only is it hard to compete with crowdsourcing platforms, but an increasing number of online clients seem to be looking for a bargain rather than quality work.

But there is some positive news.

There are still high-quality remote graphic design work listings made every single day all over the world if you search hard enough and in the right places. Of course, you’ll need to devote a few hours per week to scouring the best freelance work boards and actively pursuing the best listings.

It is possible that you could spend a significant portion of your weekly hours simply filtering through thousands of remote graphic design work listings.

So, to save you some time today, we’ve filtered and listed below the top places for finding remote graphic design jobs.

1. Freeeup

places find remote graphic design jobs freeup

Visit Freeup

FreeeUp is a relatively new freelancer marketplace with a unique twist. Their goal? Connect clients with the top 1% of freelancers on the market.

Although this does require more than just signing up for the platform and hoping for new clients (there is a 5-step questionnaire that feels a little like an interview), it also ensures that the remote graphic design jobs you find through FreeeUp pay above-average rates.

2. SolidGigs

places find remote graphic design jobs solid gigs

Visit SolidGigs

SolidGigs is next on the list, with a hand-curated list of freelance jobs that is updated daily.

Every weekday, the SolidGigs team sifts through hundreds of freelance job boards and posts the top 1% of jobs to their freelance job stream. Their design category is without a doubt one of the best and busiest on the web.

They also have an expanding library of great resources—courses, templates, interviews, and scripts—to assist you in landing the remote graphic design jobs you find on their site (or anywhere else).

3. Flexjobs

places find remote graphic design jobs flexjobs

Visit Flexjobs

Flexjobs bills itself as “the best remote work online job site,” and frankly, it’s easy to see why.

The sheer amount of high-quality jobs they publish regularly. With over 50 categories (obviously not all in graphic design, but many related), there is always a new opportunity waiting around the corner.

While they are one of the few on this list that charges a monthly fee, it is well worth the relatively low cost. You’ll quickly recoup your investment.


places find remote graphic design jobs remote co

Visit, co-founded by Sara Sutton, the same founder of Flexjobs, is specifically geared to online jobs that are completely flexible in terms of venue.

They also have remote graphic design work from well-known businesses. At the time of publishing, their design category had fresh new freelance work at Amazon and InVision on the first page of results.

5. Toptal

places find remote graphic design jobs top total

Visit Toptal

In the same way, Toptal is a premium freelance work platform that pre-screens freelancers to have a better client/freelancer experience and to pay their designers above-average rates.

Toptal has a fantastic client pool background, which is great if you can pass their comprehensive sign-up interview.

Toptal is used by companies such as Airbnb, Hewlett Packard, and Pfizer to recruit.

6. Virtual Vocations

places find remote graphic design jobs virtual vacations

Visit Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations is another company dedicated to assisting you in working from home. Laura Spawn and Adam Stevenson, a brother and sister team, created the blog. They’ve been assisting freelancers in finding remote jobs since 2007, and their website has a comprehensive and up-to-date list of remote graphic design jobs.

Although you do pay for a membership at Virtual Vocations, the cost is incredibly fair if the types of employment they offer are what you’re looking for.


places find remote graphic design jobs hired


Hired takes a different approach to the traditional freelance job quest by allowing clients to apply to hire you rather than the other way around.

You can also hide your profile and other details from current and previous employers as a bonus (especially for side hustlers), which means you can develop your graphic design business after hours.

8. Dribbble Jobs

places find remote graphic design jobs dribble jobs

Visit Dribbble Jobs

The following remote graphic design work website comes from a business that has been supporting designers for over a decade. Dribbble is a website where you can showcase your design work to other designers and potential clients.

Since you can browse by place (choose “Anywhere”) and if you want a full-time, part-time, or contract role, their job board is also a great way to find remote graphic design work for companies all over the world.

9. Remotely Awesome Jobs

places find remote graphic design jobs remotelyawesomejobs

Visit Remotely Awesome Jobs

Remotely Awesome Jobs, created by a remote worker himself, Mike Desjardins, combs 10 of Mike’s favorite remote job boards every day to bring you a wide range of new remote graphic design jobs.

There are some distinct benefits of using this platform, including the fact that you do not need to create an account and the feed is updated on a regular basis. Overall, while this is a good place to start, it should not be your only source for remote graphic design jobs online.

10. We Work Remotely

places find remote graphic design jobs we work remotely

Visit We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely, which bills itself as “the largest community on the web… to find and list remote jobs,” posts new remote graphic design jobs almost daily. If you don’t have the time or memory to review the web every few hours, you can sign up for timely email updates with unique filters.

While the platform skews a bit more towards product design, UX design, and other tech-related fields, graphic design positions are available on occasion, and it’s a site worth bookmarking.

11. Authentic Jobs

places find remote graphic design jobs authenticjobs

Visit Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs, founded by designer Cameron Moll, aims to do just what its name implies: provide authentic jobs to creatives all over the world.

Although several full-time roles are unlikely to work if you are looking for remote graphic design jobs you can do on the side, there are still a few gems that come along on a daily basis for freelancers and side-hustlers.

12. Working Nomads

places find remote graphic design jobs workingnomads

Visit Working Nomads

Although many of their occupations are full-time and may not fit the needs of a side hustler, Working Nomads’ design category is massive!

If you’re having trouble locating work on their website, simply perform an on-page search for “contract” or “part-time,” depending on your needs.

Working Nomads was created by a pair of nomadic workers (people who work from anywhere in the world and usually move from city to city), so they have a clear understanding of what types of companies offer quality remote graphic design jobs.

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