led tracing drawing board for artist illustrators

Portable LED Artist Tracing Drawing Board for Artist & Illustrators

led tracing drawing board for artist illustrators

Love drawing?

Get this portable LED Artist Tracing Board. This is an ideal tool in helping artist to trace drawing, writing and sketching easily. This is a very cool innovative product with an adjustable light brightness design that gets to your ideal luminosity and not harmful to eyes especially in long hours of working. This features a light compact design, and energy-saving LED light which is very efficient to use at all times. Not to mention that it’s very handy – bring it with you to school, office, or during trips.

drawing tracing board

LED ARTIST TRACING BOARD provides you a comfortable and enjoyable working experience to achieve the best outcome of your work. This device transforms your drawing into a precise detailed piece making works look definitely beautiful and perfect. Through its luminous brightness, you can see drawing in the board so clear, it can light up your design so you can easily trace it using your sketch paper on the top. Probably the best and easiest LED tracing board tool for all artists to use.


artist drawing tracing board 3   

Many people are already using this LED ARTIST TRACING BOARD! This is perfect for all professionals, students and the amateurs.

  1. For Professionals – This product makes their work more efficient. It makes drawing faster and easier. (Modafinil)
  2. For Students – Students need this tracing board especially those taking art classes or courses, because this helps improve their skills in drawing, not to mention the many school projects they have to rush.
  3. For Animators – Draw realistic smooth animations by using this tracing board. A must have for animators!
  4. For Comic/Manga artist – Comic artist will appreciate this tracing board to help them trace their own or other artist drawings to learn figure drawing faster.

The tracing board is useful tool for everyone to help improve one’s basic skills. It is also a must tool for animators!

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