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Top 5 Sites to Buy Commercial Fonts

commercial fonts

MyFonts still remains to be the most popular site to buy commercial fonts. It has the largest collection of fonts and you can find almost any popular fonts in here. With the innovation of WhatTheFont, you can detect typeface by uploading pictures. Other popular foundries include and Linotype. Be sure to check out the special offers pages for some big savings on fonts.



MyFonts is a USA-based company that has been in business for over 13 years. With over 103,000 fonts in its repertoire, it is one of the leading sources of fonts that the Internet has to offer. What makes this site different from any other font foundries is the innovation of WhatTheFont, software that identifies fonts through pictures, and not by name. This has greatly helped designers to identify great looking fonts found on web and use it for their projects.

fonts houses more than 150,000 font products for their users. This site takes an extra step as it allows its users to learn more about fonts, how the visual impact of a font can set a tone  for a book, how typefaces enhance e-reading experiences, and a whole lot more helpful data available to those browsing their website.



Linotype is another detail-oriented site. It’s quite user-friendly, as it makes an effort to explain typographic themes to its readers. Linotype is one of the oldest companies in this business, having roots that date back as far as the year 1899. This multi-awarded company probably offers one of the most expensive deals in the business, with prices ranging from 50-10,000 Euros.



FontShop is another great place to buy lots of fonts. It is well categories into category, family, foundry, webfonts and even App fonts. The Bestseller list will let you have a peek of the top notch fonts other designers are using. The free of charge section allows you to download lots of nice great fonts too!



FontSpring showcases thousands of fonts for web, desktop, prints, ebooks and apps. You can find a huge variety of fonts styles like hand drawn, comic, sciprt style and more. There is also a free download section to download free fonts for projects.

These five sites, though diverse, demonstrate a notable fact: even though fonts can be downloaded for free, there are still people who will buy these fonts because originality is highly valued in today’s market. Having your own font for your product, company, or site, could make a world of a difference to your audience. Utilizing a unique font also helps you personalize your product. Just remember: in buying fonts, it’s not just the artist’s hard work you’re paying for, but also the copyright to that particular typeface.

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