Premium Tutorial: Street Lantern

In this tutorial, we will explain how to illustrate a street lantern. It requires a variety of techniques to crate this nice street lantern. You have probably seen these antique lanterns frequently but after the illustration of this lantern, you will appreciate them better. Let’s get started!


Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: Adobe Illustrator

What will you get?

    • Instant download of PDF e-book (13 pages, 41 steps)
    • Comes with Ai file for easy reference
    • Detailed step by step tutorial to draw a nice realistic street lantern

Tutorial Preview:

1. Draw a lantern's shade using Pen Tool.

street lantern

2. Create some nodes on the shape using Gradient Tool from Tool Box and paint each node as shown below. Select each node using Direct Selection and change its color.

street lantern

3. Draw the decorating lines on the shade, using Pen Tool. Draw a shape and take a duplicate from it for this. Reflect this shape using Reflect Tool from Tool Box and overlay. Fill it with the appropriate color.

street lantern

4. Draw 3 rectangles at the end of the shade and fill them with appropriate colors.

street lantern

5. To separate the shade frame from the end part, draw a black rectangle as shown below. Draw a semi-ellipse shape using Pen Tool for the end of the lantern.

street lantern

6. Draw 3 shapes using Pen Tool. Put them at the appropriate position such that the black part of the rectangle partly appears.

street lantern

7. To create the bottom part of the lantern, draw 3 shapes using Pen Tool and fill them with the appropriate gradient.

street lantern

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