top 30 modern fonts

Top 30 Modern Fonts

top 30 modern fonts

Today as the competition arises, both modern and classic designers/artists are looking for new ideas to enhance their designing skills and artwork to market it for everyone. Choosing the right fonts for every design is one of the great factors that affect the overall impact of your designs. If you are using the same fonts over and over again, it might not be a good idea for your design layouts as it will look redundant over time. Good thing, there are many modern and stylish fonts available to help you create the most stylish designs with a new font look to offer your audience.

Want some ideas of what modern fonts to use? Here are top 30 modern fonts that you should check out:

Code Pro

code pro

Code Pro is an elegant and very straight to the point modern type font that offers a clean cut edge for your designs. It can perfectly serve logos, posters and prints, design by Svetoslav Simov and inspired from other modern fonts like Futura and Avant Garde.

Download Code Pro



Sone is a simple and bold font which offers a variety of stylistic appeal on any of your design elements and offers gentle approach to audience. It has many font weights available like regular, italics, bold, thin, thin italics and many more others. Design by Aakash Soneri in 2009.

Download Sone

Gabriel Sans

gabriel sans

Gabriel Sans is another font inspired from transitional-looking fonts like Grotesk with a touch of elegance and out-of-the-box styles. This font has the appeal of both classic and modern font-look in one. Gabriel Sans is available in 6 different weights with the height and width almost parallel with each other.

Download Gabriel Sans

Brandon Text

brandon text

Brandon Text is a typical font from Brandon Grotesque font family with longer height to fit in small screen spaces. This font is basically based in 1920 and 1930 geometric font styles that offer a new variety of forms for more powerful look, design by Hannes Von Dohren.

Download Brandon Text



Trend is one of the most stylish modern fonts available today with lots of trendy layering features to offer your designs. Trend font is a special font design to give impact on font layouts without additional elements to make it look fabulous, design by Daniel Hernandez and Paula Nazal Selaive.

Download Trend



Quadon is simply beautiful with clean edges and flexible forms to give you the most modern font look you want. This font has many alternative glyphs and beautiful typographic features that brings in a whole new modern font designs for your layouts, design by Rene Bieder.

Download Quadon

Brandon Grotesque

brandon grotesque

Brandon Grotesque is a font that offers professional typography with many complex and beautiful features to fit in any of your designs. It can offer you the elegance and warmest font touches with variety of clean cut numeric characters, design by Hannes Von Dohren in 2010.

Download Brandon Grotesque

Din Next

din next

Din Next is a simple and standard modern font style perfect for signage and print font arts. It contains engraved letters, printing types and stencil lettering with numerous font weights to choose from including bold and italic styles. This modern font is design by Akira Kobayashi in 2009.

Download Din Next



Solomon is a very stylish and beautiful font style with many cursive ends and curly details to offer for your layouts. This is a perfect font in creating occasional cards, posters, prints and other layout designs. Solomon has 12 beautiful unique styles to offer, design by Svetoslav Simov in 2011.

Download Solomon



Intro font style is one of the most stylish modern fonts that offer a variety of modern font graphics and cursive details. It is available in 26 unique font styles and weights which can be used for t-shirt prints, logos, posters and others. This font is beautifully design by Svetoslav Simov in 2012.

Download Intro



Ollie is a beautiful calligraphic font that offers friendly and sophisticated designs for your layouts with over 900 glyphs available. The smooth flowing text is very attractive and will surely grab a lot of attention from your readers. This font is newly design by Dave Rowland this year.

Download Ollie

Brunswick Black

brunswick black

Brunswick Black is a cute cartoon-like font styles with lots of beautiful features on both small and petite caps. This font can serve your layouts best with its very cute and attractive edge design, tight and rounded ends with lots of available variations. This font is design by Lan Huang and Claire Ghyzel in 2011. (

Download Brunswick Black

Design System

design system

Design System is a futuristic font style designed to give your layouts an eye-grabber look with over 70 styles available and a lot of variations to choose from. You can mix and match the caps to give you a whole new look perfect for any creative works. This font is design by Ryoichi Tsunekawa in 2011.

Download Design System



Seaside is a simple modern font style perfect for professional text layouts. This font has numerous font weights available and a lot of its variety looks clean and classy with thin and thick letter mixture. You can use this font in any desired layout, design by Andrij Shevchenko in 2011.

Download Seaside

Alpine Script

alpine script

Alpine Script is a beautiful modern font with a soft brush and hand lettering quality that can give your layout a nice touch of calligraphic fonts. It has 29 available alternates perfect for any layout designs. This font is design by Charles Borges de Oliveira in 2009.

Download Alpine Script

Centrale Sans

centrale sans

Centrale Sans is a simple font style with a modern touch characterized by many friendly and powerful features, great for any layout designs. This font is available in different weights including bold, italic, extra bold italic and many more others to choose from, design by Alexander Nedelev and Veronika Slavova in 2011.

Download Centrale Sans



Geogrotesque is another simple but very professional looking font with 3 available font weights to choose from, you can choose between Geogrotesque normal font weight, Geogrotesque Stencil or Center which are all beautifully design to fit your layouts with professional look.

Download Geogrotesque



Bonbon is a stylish and beautiful font with lots of cursive details and swashes in both small and capital caps. It has over 850 glyphs with lots of available alternates, swooshes, beautiful ornaments, pictograms and more. This font is recently design by Emil Karl Bertill this year.

Download Bonbon

Helvetica Neue

helvetica neue

Helvetica Neue is one of the most popular font style used in this modern generation which is rank as one of the top best-selling fonts of all time. This font has 51 font weights available including light, italic, bold, black and others. This font is design by Edouard Hoffman and Max Miedinger way back in 1983.

Download Helvetica Neue

Trade Gothic

trade gothic

Trade Gothic is another professional looking font style that offers both stylistic and simple approach. This font family offers many other font styles including fonts with sharp and rounded ends. It has numerous font weights available, design by Jackson Burke.

Download Trade Gothic

FF Din

ff din

FF Din is a huge font family that offers many font variations from the simplest styles up to the most complex one. It has 20 available font weights perfect for any layout designs like signage, logos, publishing titles, billboards and many more others. This font is design by Albert-Jan Pool way back in 1995.

Download FF Din



Univers is a simple and famous font style way back in 1950’s up to this very day. It has numerous font weights available including light, dark, extended, condensed and many more options to choose from. This font is design by the famous font designers, Adrian Frutiger and Alexei Chekulayev.

Download Univers



Interstate is a font design based on US Federal Highway Administration’s alphabets posted in their signage. The aim of the font is to give clear and clean font styles perfect for news prints, signage, posters, magazines and other corporate uses. This font is design by Tobias Frere-Jones in 1993.

Download Interstate



Futura is a famous font style way back in 1920’s which is based on ancient Greek letterforms. This font has numerous font weight available ranging from light italic up to extra bold. This font is considered to be a work of art by its famous designer Paul Renner.

Download Futura

Avenir Next Pro

avenir next pro

Avenir Next Pro is a beautiful font collection with numerous font weights available. This font is the output from the joint effort of two of the best font designers in 20th century, namely Adrian Frutiger and Akira Kobayashi. It has numerous glyphs on both small and capital caps including superscripts and subscripts.

Download Avenir Next Pro

Benton Sans

benton sans

Benton Sans is a professional looking font with clean cut edges perfect for corporate uses like publishing prints, magazines, signage and others. The spaces of the letters complement each other with numerous font weights to choose from. This font is design by Cyrus Highsmith and Tobias Frere-Jones in 2000.

Download Benton Sans

Neo Sans

neo sans

Neo Sans is a friendly looking font with soft and modern approach. This font has numerous font weights available ranging from ultra-light up to extra bold weights with semi-rounded ends and a lot of cursive details. Neo Sans is design by Sebastian Lester in 2004.

Download Neo Sans



Frutiger is the famous font created by Adrian Frutiger and was named after him as well. The aim of Frutiger is to create a font which is easy to recognize even from far views perfect for signage, directional system and others alike. This font has numerous font weights ranging from light to extra bold weights.

Download Frutiger



Pluto is a friendly cartoon-like font with many pretty interesting font details in both capital and small caps. This font family has 64 font weights available packed with complex and professional look. Pluto is perfect font for product labels, advertising and magazine titling, design by Hannes Von Dohren.

Download Pluto



Nexa is a fabulous modern font that can well blend with your designs due to its flexibility. This font has 16 different styles and weights with lots of variations to offer perfect for prints, logos, posters and others. Nexa is design by Svetoslav Simov in 2012.

Download Nexa

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