Trademarkia – Easy Way to Protect Your Brand


Filing for trademarks has been a tedious process in the past. Trademarkia now offers an easy and effortless way to create a business name from all the trademarks filed at the United States Trademark Office. It acts as a powerful business name search engine. You can search all the trademarks filed since the year 1872 before you decide on your business name. Until Trademarkia, the option of creating a business name from abandoned names did not exist anywhere on the web.

Trademarkia’s valuable service can help your protect your brand. It allows you to keep track of competitors who try to file trademarks, domain names, and start websites which are similar to your brands. Also, you can receive free online reports and updates on activities of counterfeiters.

The free service now allows you to create your brands from millions of previously business names, slogans, and logos without much hassle. It is also featured in TechCrunch50 as one of the world’s hottest new startups.

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