Tutorial Submission

Vectordiary is welcoming all passionate illustrators to submit their tutorials.

Why Submit Tutorial?

  1. You get paid USD$150 for each tutorial on approval. (Payment through Paypal only)
  2. You get links and traffic from my website.
  3. Your tutorial get submitted to major tutorial sites e.g good-tutorials, pixel2life…
  4. You get job exposure as your author biography is included.
  5. You get to share with readers your techniques; readers will be grateful to it.

What to Write?

If you have anything interesting and new to share about illustrator, you are welcomed to write for Vectordiary. It can be a technique you have for your projects or it can be a step by step to draw an illustration. Anything readers are keen to know can be submitted.


Tutorials must be original and exclusive for Vectordiary.

Not all tutorials will be accepted. (You may send a review of the final effect for approval before writing to avoid disappointment)

Requirements For Submission

  1. A final image. (Width:500px, Height: 250px).
  2. A introduction paragraph about your tutorial.
  3. A HTML file with the tutorial written out. The format should follow my tutorials. (rentalry.com) Download the HTML template here.
  4. Screenshots should not be no more than 500px wide.
  5. Screenshots should be sharp and properly optimized for web viewing.
  6. A short biography of yourself to be included for the author page (Optional).
  7. Final Illustrator file.
  8. A link to your personal website or email.

How to Submit

On completion, zip all files and send it to tony[@]vectordiary.com

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