20 awesome fonts for 2013

20 Awesome Fonts for 2013

20 awesome fonts for 2013

Tired of using your old font collection over and over again? If you are looking for new font to give your designs a new twist and style, here is a list of the best font collection for 2013:

1. Ingleby II Regular

Ingleby II

Ingleby II Regular is a typical font style with classic pen stroke that looks digitalize and distinct. The small caps have dingbats, subtle ligatures and numerous variations for numbers.

Download Ingleby II

2. St Marie

St Marie

St Marie is designed by Sascha Timplan, who designs and publishes other font style too. He designed St Marie with a classic and soft touch to give your design a broader look.

Download St Marie

3. Octin Sports Regular

Octin Sports

Octin Sports Regular has numerous font weights perfect for any type of theme layout you want to use. You can choose between light, regular, book, heavy, semi-bold and black weight.

Download Octin Sports Regular

4. Anultra Slab

Anultra Slab

Anultra Slab is a bold and large font weight perfect to use for headings with many stylish alternates, forms and fractions. This font looks very cool with 3D “xtrude” style.

Download Anultra Slab

5. Indento Regular


Indento Regular is stylish and very appealing font style that looks digitalize with rounded corners. The style of this font looks very distinctive perfect to use for headlines.

Download Indento Regular

6. Octin College Regular

Octine College

Octin College Regular is a stylish broad font that has 7 different weights to offer. Choose between book, light, regular, semi-bold, heavy and black weights.

Download Octin College Regular

7. Rama Slab

Rama Slab

Rama Slab is designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa inspired from 1800’s wood type style. This font is design to look retro that has 18 different condensed styles.

Download Rama Slab

8. Aldine 721 Regular

Aldine 721

Aldine 721 Regular is a nice and stylish font that has sharp corners and terrific bold ends. It has nice collection of letteforms in both big and small caps.

Download Aldine 721 Regular

9. Espinosa Nova

Espinosa Nova

Espinosa Nova is a very stylish font family that has many different weights designed by Cristobal Henestrosa which is based from Antonio Espinosa’s typeface in 16th century.

Download Espinosa Nova

10. PT Serif Pro

PT Serif Pro

PT Serif Pro is a lot similar with PT Sans Pro. This font has 38 different styles in normal, narrow, and extended proportions with 2 caption styles available.

Download PT Serif Pro

11. Idealist Sans

Idealist Sans

Idealist Sans is a classic type of font designed by Elena Kowalski. It has 2 different styles, the Idealist Sans and Idealist Sans Light.

Download Idealist Sans

12. Gnuolane Book

Gnuolane Book

Gnuolane Book has many available style varieties that makes is a very nice font to work with. It has 423 available glyphs, many ligature forms and alternates.

Download Gnuolane Book

13. Myriad Pro Regular

Myriad Pro

Myriad Pro Regular is a famous font style in Adobe Originals that was first introduced in the year 1992. It has 827 available glyphs and has sharp-end corners.

Download Myriad Pro Regular

14. Corbel Regular


Corbel Regular is a clean and soft font style with many functional and flowing curves to offer. This font can be used in any range of themes and layout design you want.

Download Corbel Regular

15. Lobster Hand Regular

Lobster Hand

Lobster Hand Regular is a font with original vintage look. It looks hand painted font that has numerous typographic alternate combinations and 224 glyphs available.

Download Lobster Hand Regular

16. Courier


Courier is a famous font ever since typing evolved; it is the primary font style for typewriters which makes it well-recognizable by many.

Download Courier

17. ITC AVant Garde Gothic

ITC AVant Garde Gothic

ITC AVant Garde Gothic is designed by Tom Carnase in a beautiful combination of italic and bold font in one. This font family has numerous sub fonts that can cater any of your design layouts.

Download ITC AVant Garde Gothic

18. Frutiger


Frutiger is designed by Adrian Frutiger who aims to create a clean and simple font style for specific architectural project in Paris in the year 1968.

Download Frutiger

19. Futura


Futura is designed by Paul Renner with versatility in mind. This font style is perfectly designed for space-sensitive areas and has simple bold letterforms.

Download Futura

20. Didot


Didot is designed by Firmin Didot in the year 1783 with a touch of modern roman text style. This font looks edgy with thin ends and sophisticated stems.

Download Didot

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