40 ways to get inspirations

inspiring mountain

Here is a list of 40 tips to look for inspirations.

1. Look at the past. Study how old Masters have done it.
2. Learn something new.
3. Pick up a new hobby.
4. Take a holiday and visit a foreign country.
5. Learn other cultures.
6. Clear your workspace.
7. Look outside the web.
8. Learn a new style of drawing.
9. Step into the library.
10. Dig the history behind your project. You might find some leads.

11. Get outside the office.
12. Shop around and look for inspirations. Observe the surroundings, products, people, fashion, buildings..
13. Visit
14. Give your work a twist.
15. Listen to tracks to get yourself into the mood.
16. Keep a notebook. This is so important, always scribble your ideas whenever ideas struck you. You never know when you need it again.
17. Learn to do mind maps.
18. Search through dictionary/thesaurus and play with word associations.
19. Admit that there are days without inspirations.
20. Read a book/magazine.

21. Browse through stock sites. (iStockphoto)
22. Share ideas with your friends.
23. Read inspirational quotes
24. Look at influential designers and get motivated.
25. Clear your mind.
26. Study the beauty of nature.
27. Visit an exhibition.
28. Look at a different angle.
29.Catch a movie.
30. Browse through Flickr.

31. Try something daring for your work. ( Break away from your own tradition.
32. Break your daily routine.
33. Visit an art gallery.
34. Get instant colour inspirations from Colourlovers.
35. Try using metaphors to bring your idea across.
36. Read what the top minds are reading.
37. Get visual inspirations to feed your eyes.
38. Be inspired by good music.
39. Read the news and see what is happening across the world.
40. Digg for ideas.

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  1. Can I just say that I had not heard of Ads of the world until reading this post. And I cannot believe I havnt seen it before. Thanks so much! How many times have I thought ‘I wish I could get that ad in a high reso’ and they really do push the limits of photoshop apps.

  2. Your definitely right illusime… Would you mind if I ask you a question regarding on your career? Are you working as a freelance illustrator or a designer? 🙂 Coz I’m planning to go on freelancing I might ask you some tips on how to manage it:)

  3. budhi d dwijaatmaja

    one of the best thing is to make fresh our mental. the new things will easy come.

    amazing blog Tony.

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