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adobe creative cloud

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Everyone may have been surprised by the new innovative move Adobe has recently lurched on. But certainly there is no turning back as this software giant introduces Creative Cloud a subscription-based model which bade adieu to its traditional one-off software offers. Such bold move by Adobe was announced during its AdobeMAX summit in Los Angeles.

From now on Adobe will no longer release softwares for PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, and Illustrator. It will use the subscription model instead. The subscription cost will depend on your desired membership plans, which will basically costs new users £46.88 or $50 every month or £27.34 or $30 for old customers to gain access to all the important applications. You can also buy a single creative application for the price of £17.58 or $40 a month. Adobe offers a special pricing to students.

Besides the inclusion of the software, a Creative Cloud subscription gives the user an all-access to file syncing and other storage data as well as an all-out portfolio of the Behance website which Adobe has recently purchased last year.

This recent innovation is rather a shift from what you have grown accustomed to: CD software in huge boxes. Maintenance support can be distributed very easily in just a few moments. As a matter of fact, the subscription model paved the way for Adobe to change its course development wise. Future features can be released surely any time.

Creative Cloud is Adobe’s solution to combat the increasing piracy rate of their software in countries worldwide. This move will considerably save the company great savings; no more packaging costs for starters.

In spite of the growing perception of the people to this latest introduction by the company, Adobe remains firm in living up to this new technology as a way to revolutionize creative projects and improve people’s life through a new and interactive art form.

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