10 Best Free Fonts

best free fonts

Good fonts and typography can help to make your visuals more impactful. But unfortunately most of the good fonts does not come free. However, there are also many beautiful and stylish fonts available for free and here are the top 10 best free fonts to check it out.


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Pixacaism is a free font created by Paism 83, a font designer from Poland. This font is based on Pixacão which look a little unusual and unique as it shows a grunge-like and rocking font effects. It looks very playful on the eyes as well but it needs extra expertise on reading it as it has many other lines along with each letter but to sum it up, this is a great font that will give your styles a unique touch and bursting with great strokes.

Download Pixacaism



Sequi is a nice looking free font bursting with simplicity with lots of playful details to look at. This is the result of João Andrade’s experimental project in exploring the previous font versions. The letter collection looks thin with generous spaces and wide lines across each other.  The name of this font is based on Latin language which means sequence with over 300 plus beautiful glyphs to offer.

Download Sequi



Multicolore Free Fonts is a very attractive and colorful font with many unique and stunning details to offer that will give you an outstanding art effects for different art niche. This font is designed by Ivan Filipov from Bulgaria, who has a very sensitive taste in creating fonts which lead him with a brilliant idea in presenting a colorful and beautiful font collection perfect for huge text like headlines, posters and others. The rounded edges look great with multicolor text lines and with other awesome details.

Download Multicolore



Dia is a very unique and stylish font that offers lots of fresh ideas by merely looking at it, the curves and lines looks unusual and tempting perfect for futuristic designs you want to create. This font is designed by Tommy Larsen from Norway, Dia is a font inspired from a school assignment which lead to a very serious personal project and became a beautiful letterforms which is offered for free.

Download Dia

Che’s Bone

che's bone

Che’s Bone is a special free font created by Fliz Sahin for all dog lovers out there. This is a special project inspired from her dog that loves its bone food so much and it became a pretty awesome font style with very neat and eye catching details. This font has rounded edges with a beautiful bone shape in each corner of the letters. The skinny letterforms looks great that collaborates very well with the bone shape corners.

Download Che’s Bone

Lev Serif

lev serif

Lev Serif is a free font with a natural stylish appeal even without other art details designed by Leon Hulst. The letterforms are thick and with contrasting loops and stylish curves perfect for headline prints and texts. The combination of uppercase and lowercase caps are all beautifully designed and it is available in 4 font weights, choose between light, regular, bold and extrabold.

Download Lev Serif



Langdon is a beautiful typeface that looks very professional and solid perfect for any layout design option of your choice. This stylish font is designed by Steven Bonner, a famous graphic designer from UK. The letterforms of Langdon is thick and with beautiful variation on both lowercase and uppercase letters, the lowercase letters have a shadow effect on one side which looks really cool in far view.

Download Langdon



Liquor is a beautiful font collection with super neat and attractive letterforms that will surely look good on any art designs you want. This font is designed by Bayley Design which is available for free. The font looks thick and with lots of detailed lines to offer perfect for headlines, poster texts and others. This font is one of the best free fonts you can find available on the web, you can surely create great stuff using Liquor fonts.

Download Liquor



Airbag is a beautiful and stylish font style offered to public for free by its designer, you can download it easily by paying a tweet. This font is inspired from a Linotype f  ont style named Trend which is a premium font style and in the search of a free version Simon created Airbag. The combination of uppercase and lowercase caps are very stylish that also offers a slab look but some details of Airbag is only available on paid version.

Download Airbag



KanKin is a beautiful san serif font style that offers a contemporary look perfect for both modern and retro designs. This font is a combination of beautiful and stylish letterforms with lots of thick curves and sharp edges perfect for any layout designs of your choice. This font is designed by Alexey Frolov or famously known as MRfrukta that aims to create fonts applicable for wide graphic applications.

Download KanKin

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