create beautiful infographics

Tools to Create Beautiful Infographics People Want to Share

create beautiful infographics

Are you looking to create high-impact infographics for your presentation? There are hundreds of tools you can use for free and it doesn’t have to be a hassle finding one. However, finding a good software that helps you create impactful infographics with better color quality and high resolution, can take some time.

Infographics is the next preferred media to video in terms of visual attractions by all audiences. There is nothing that excites today’s reader like anything with colors: 80% of people looking for information are willing to give it a look as long as it is designed well with colors.

With infographics, it is easy and quick to present a two-page information that would take hours to write or several minutes to speak as a video. Infographics are fantastic at presenting information, however, they should be used in combination with other kinds of content such as video for those looking for a durable content strategy.

The problem with creating infographics, in most cases you need to hire a good designer to get the job done. However, you can also get it done with softwares that helps you create infographics easily.

Here are the top ten tools to help you create beautiful infographics for your business, academic, sporting, fun, social or any other type of project.


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With this tool, designers will create interactive presentations, ad banners, layouts and all manner of infographics easily, thanks to the many templates ready to use on any type of project. You even don’t have to get lost in searching templates thanks to the ability to search your preferred templates using a keyword. It costs $16 per month but you can give it a trial before subscribing.

Visme was launched in 2012 like Canva and according to their CEO, the intention was to make it easy to design with or without design skills. On the tool, you get similar graphics options as the media overrated Canva. These include social media graphics and headers in addition to infographics. You can make animated infographics with this tool, for instance, the long format infographic that change as you scroll.

In addition to providing the ability to publish interactive and animated infographics, this tool will a charting functionality almost equal in quality to that of Piktochart.

2. InVideo


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If static infographics is your only thing, then welcome to the world of moving infographics. It works great because we have seen them on social media as stickers. InVideo allows you to create this kind of content in a professional way, and you can kickstart your project with video templates, music, and other objects then customize it.

3. ICharts by

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This cloud-based visual analytics platform will help you decipher complex information about business information, by allowing you to create infographics and visualizations derived from this data.

The tool updates data in real-time whenever you like so you can get up to date visualizations.


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It also features a long list of templates suitable for various industries, from where you can start your project. After selecting a template, you can add shapes, charts and other objects to customize the project. You can use the basic limited version for free. is also a place to be if you want to learn how to create infographics projects because you get webinars and tutorials. Thus you can create infographics even if you have never done it before.

5. Picktochart


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While some tools target skilled designers, this one is applicable to anyone who does not have designer skills in 10 minutes. And to be fair, while there are hundreds of similar tools that allow you to create images for free, most have just a handful of templates. Picktochart offers over 400 customizable templates and themes that you can customize by adding or removing or tweaking objects, colors, graphs and other drawing and design tools.

Furthermore, this tool is said to be more responsive and rick in design elements than even Canva, and it features an easy-to-use interface and a good chart builder that allows importing of data from Google Drive and Excel.

Unfortunately, using most of the template requires a subscription ($24/user/month) and a lesser number of templates is available for free use than is in Canva and Visme.

6. Canva


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Canva needs no introduction if you have been searching online for a designer tool to help with your project. Based out of Sydney, it’s certainly the infographic create with most media coverage probably than any other in this list. It suits both skilled and non-skilled designers willing to create cool infographics stuff and this is possible because you get free tutorials for that.

With it, you can create cover photos for social media, ads, business cards, and banners. Feature-wise, Canva is better than Piktochart. Canva certainly wins in terms of social banner and post templates when compared to Piktochart or

7. Infogram


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This tool has helped create over 2 million infographics and counting. Further, some of these have been used at Euronews, University of Cambridge, and Huffington Post. The tool has templates that allow for easy creation of charts and infographics by bloggers, educationalists, brand ambassadors, and companies.

8. Venngage


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Venngage allows the creation and immediate publishing of infographics. You choose one from among the professional templates hosted on the platform and then kick start your project. The tool allows creating infographics but you can also create reports, posters, promotional stuff, and social media cards and banners.

9. Geo Commons

geo commons map

This tool allows you to create infographics based on your maps. You can use the tool to create feature-rich maps to share interesting information with your audience.

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