best inforgraphic examples

19 Best Infographic Examples

best inforgraphic examples

The reason that infographics are so popular may be due to the fact that 65% of the world’s population are visual learners. Complex topics and data can be difficult to deliver and comprehend in their raw form, but they can become much easier to understand when simplified and illustrated graphically.

We’ve curated 19 of the best infographics to celebrate the intricate and brilliant artistry that goes into creating them.

1. An Analysis of The Beatles

best infographic examples fig 1 the analysis of the beatles

This interactive infographic is one of the best we’ve seen for analyzing the Fab Four. It breaks down their career by year and album, revealing who wrote what, which Beatle had the most vocabulary, what most of their songs were about, and much more.

2. 50 Years of Doctor Who

best infographic examples fig 2 50 years of doctor who

Over the years, illustrator Sam Gilbey has created some of the best pop-culture infographics. And we were especially taken with this concept, which was commissioned by Virgin in 2013 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

Of course, there have been a variety of new Doctors since, including some sneakily retro-engineered into the show’s existing canon by the creators. However, it is a nice rundown of the first five decades of Doctor Who for those new to the show, and it is a lovely look back at a period when Doctor Who continuity was reasonably straightforward.

3. History of Life

best infographic examples fig 3 history of life

What better way to discover the world than by exploring our own, and this is one of the best infographics for doing so? It was created by Juan Martinez and describes each geological age of planet Earth, as well as the shifting shape of the land continents and timelines, life milestones, and mass extinction events.

4. World’s Most Popular Artist

best infographic examples fig 4 worlds most popular artist

Who is your favorite musician? Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Banksy… the possibilities are endless and span countries and ages. But have you ever wondered if your interests are shared by other art enthusiasts in your country? Ken Bromley Art Supplies developed some of the most stunning art-based data visualizations we’ve ever seen.

5. The Infographic of Infographics

best infographic examples fig 5 the infographics of infographics

This infographic by artist Ivan Cash deconstructs the trend of data visualization and delves into the statistics surrounding the best infographics. It describes the fonts are common, how many parts are usually included, what themes often appear, and much more.

Why your Brain Craves Infographics

Why are the best infographics so popular? This immersive infographic by NeoMam Studios delves into what makes them so appealing. Along the way, there are some fun parallax scrolling effects.

6. What is an Infographic?

best infographic examples fig 6 what is an infographics

We knew we had to put this on our list of best infographics because of the creative use of Lego. It was developed by Beth Kanter of Hot Butter Studio, a visual marketer who used it on her blog, and it explains how imposing visual order on data can help you and your audience draw conclusions and use them constructively.

7. Font Psychology and Pop Culture

best infographic examples fig 7 font psychology

What psychological impact does your font choice have on your audience? That is what this concept, created by Venngage, aims to investigate through references to some of the most famous Netflix shows in recent years. What does each show’s typography mean about its audiences, from The Crown to 13 Reasons Why, and what moods, genres, and patterns do they highlight?

8. Hip Hop

best infographic examples fig 8 hip hop

Dorothy, a design studio, has carved some of the finest infographics in poster form. Its designs often depict the many dynamic links between entertainment genres and sub-genres, and are ideal for any superfan to hang on their studio walls.

The ‘blueprints’ series, which explores the past of hip hop and is featured here; alternative and electronic music through the decades; the ‘color wheel’ series, which is devoted to the color palettes of movies, books, and music; and’star maps,’ which map the relationships between seminal films, actors, and directors, are just a few examples.

9. Avengers, Assemble!

best infographic examples fig 9 avengers assemble

Lemonly’s infographic breaks down details about the superheroes used in the classic Marvel’s Avengers Assemble. Using some cool pie charts, you can learn about each character’s powers, talents, brains, devices, and heart. The outcomes are then collected to demonstrate the team’s greatest mutual strengths.

10. MeTooMomentum

best infographic examples fig 10 metoomomentum

This infographic from Valentina D’Efilippo focuses on the first six months of the #MeToo movement, analyzing around 200,000 tweets from that time.

11. Oddity Viz

best infographic examples fig 11 oddity viz

Valentina D’Efilippo’s imaginative visualization of the classic Bowie track Space Oddity, which won an Information is Beautiful prize, contrasts Dorothy’s vast genre-spanning designs by choosing to go narrow and deep instead.

D’Efilippo collaborated with researcher Miriam Fast to collect data about the song, which she then visualized as a sequence of ten 12-inch discs, each of which deconstructs the song in a different way: melodies, harmonies, lyrics, structure, story, and more.

12. Response to COVID-19

best infographic examples fig 12 response to covid

This infographic illustration was chosen for a number of reasons. First, instead of sharing step-by-step instructions or research-oriented content, demonstrate how infographics can be used to illustrate effects.

To help your eyes monitor from top to bottom, the impact of each movement is grouped into different columns and given a distinct color. Although this flow deviates from the typical left to right reading pattern, it is neither distracting nor difficult to follow.

The healthcare worker graphics at the top of the page pay homage to those that work on the front lines, the colors are consistent with the brand, essential numbers are easy to read, and the page isn’t cluttered with text.

13. How to Properly Wear a Mask

best infographic examples fig 13 how to wear mask properly

John Hopkins Medicine has one of the best infographic examples. They created an infographic to share information about a critical COVID-19 procedure: wearing a mask.

Is it necessary to cover your nose? You betcha. Consider using a bandana as a mask? No way. Hopkins employs a concise mix of graphics and copies to make the do’s and don’ts quite simple.

14. A Well-Balanced Blog

best infographic examples fig 14 a well balanced blog

The material in this LinkedIn infographic is organized thematically. Rather than having a matrix detailing when to post specific types of blog material, LinkedIn communicates the details through a visual metaphor. This makes the topic more interesting and easier to understand.

Additionally, the use of photography is visually pleasing. The infographic design takes on its own personality with images of meats, vegetables, and grains. What could possibly be better? We’re left with a fantastic resource that’s also visually stunning.

15. How to Be Productive While Working From Home

best infographic examples fig 15 how to be productive while working at home

Bannersnack includes information that people can use right away, in addition to basic elements like brand colors. Although it’s tempting to spend the whole day on your sofa, they suggest setting up various workspaces for different tasks. A place to be inspired for innovative thinking, as well as a place to work hard and meet tight deadlines.

Tips like this can seem insignificant after you’ve been working remotely for a while, but for beginners, it’s one less thing to learn while adapting to a new routine.

16. The Sound Of Color

best infographic examples fig 16 the sound of color

If you’re buying a new car or decorating your nursery, picking the right color can be difficult. Kelly-Moore Paints is aware of this, so they devised a clever solution: why not select a color based on your favorite music? It’s a unique and entertaining way for them to demonstrate their color knowledge, but it’s also a stunning infographic.

This piece, which was more conceptual art than infographic, turned favorite albums into vibrant data visualizations based on emotions felt while listening to the music. As a result, one of our infographic design examples was developed.

17. Carbs Are Killing You

best infographic examples fig 17 carbs are killing you final

We’ve all learned that cutting down on unhealthy foods would help us lose weight. However, according to this fantastic infographic by Massive Health, carbs (rather than fats) may be to blame.

This infographic does an outstanding job of guiding the reader through a very complicated process while remaining focused on a single takeaway: fats do not make us fat; carbs do. Furthermore, visual learners will applaud the simple illustration style that goes with it.

18. Seeing Green

best infographic examples fig 18 seeing green

Marijuana legalization is not a new issue, but the debate has changed in recent years as legislation in different states across the United States have relaxed. Digit aimed to explore changing public opinion, new taxation laws, and how global markets work under legal marijuana status, using a more journalistic approach to join the debate.

Naturally, the infographic style is a driving force behind the graphic’s success. Its subtle use of texture, simple section breakdown, and overall sharp style demonstrate how to use a visual theme (e.g., weed) without overpowering the graphic.

19. The Almighty Dollar

best infographic examples fig 19 the almighty dollar

Great infographic design begins with the content, particularly when telling a story with data.

GOOD created this infographic to analyze income levels among various religious groups in the United States. In an unbiased approach, it does an excellent job of visually presenting the data in a clear manner—carefully opening up a dialogue about a very sensitive subject.

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