business cards inspirations

14 Business Card Inspirations to Make a Good First Impression

business cards inspirations

Ever received a business card from someone and you think it’s so impressive that left you a good impression? We believe that business cards are one of the factors to make or break a deal. A business card is an identity of your company and it provides potential clients a glimpse of your business.

So, we prepared 30 most inspiring business card designs for you. As we always say, let your art do the talking.

1. NP Design


2. Trailer


3. Bobo Animation


4. Deja Vu


5. Hair and Makeup


6. Graphic Designer


7. UP Artistry


8. Clevery Design


9. Marine Laurent


10. Martyna Wedzieka


11. Pauline Castaneda


12. Urban Taxi


13. Design Studio


14. Micael Butial

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