30 Inspiring Sport Illustrations

A lot of timeless sports illustration have been created in the past. Today, we will take a look at the modern sports illustration that is changing the world. See how different artist depict speed and motion with different drawing styles in this compilation.


38 Inspiring Vexel Artworks & Tutorials

“Vexel” is a combination of the words vector and pixel, and it is used to describe a style of digital art which is entirely pixel-based, but looks like vector art. Vector uses mathematical equations to create lines and shapes in image whereas vexels are raster works in pixels.


40 ways to get inspirations

Here is a list of 40 tips to look for inspirations. 1. Look at the past. Study how old Masters have done it. 2. Learn something new. 3. Pick up a new hobby. 4. Take a holiday and visit a foreign country. 5. Learn other cultures. 6. Clear your workspace. 7. Look outside the web. …

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