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Where to Find Graphic Design Jobs Online?

find graphic design jobs online featured image

Many graduates with a degree in graphic design may prefer working with a big design firm. If you are one of those graphic designers who prefer to work as a freelance graphic designer, starting as a self-employed freelance graphic designer is difficult if you don’t know where to find new freelance design jobs.

That being said, below is a list of several sites where graphic design graduates can find freelance work online.

7 Places To Find Online Graphic Design Jobs In 2021

1. Fiverr

find graphic design jobs online fiverr

Fiverr is another marketplace that links service providers with potential clients. Freelance graphic designers, including Peopleperhour, can create a job or service that can be advertised on the Fiverr website as well as social media accounts.

The portal allows you to create different categories for the same service, such as simple, regular, and urgent. Clients may choose the services that best fit their needs and then contact the designers for more details. Clients can also post project conditions, which job seekers can bid on alongside their proposal.

The portal retains the commercial for a limited period after it has been distributed to the freelancers. The platform contains an equal number of small and large workers. To apply for the work, graphic designers must retain a certain ranking. They can post their service listing even if they don’t have the required grade. It is best to keep the score in order to maximize your chances of landing the project. You may also sign up for places like Fiverr to find freelance design work.

2. Peopleperhour

find graphic design jobs online people per hour

Peopleperhour is a work portal that links job seekers and employers all over the world. The portal functions in two ways, with the project being awarded to freelance graphic designers through a bidding process. Job seekers can post hourly rates for their services, which clients can view. Clients can also view work specifications, which are sent to designers via email and updated on the portal.

Peopleperhour chooses designers based on their profiles and invites them to bid on unique projects. The project is awarded based on the ranking, client input, submitted plan, and quotation. Before awarding the jobs, the job seekers can be asked to have a sample or portfolio. For the whole operation, the portal charges a service fee. The funds are kept by the portal until the job is completed.

3. Designhill

find graphic design jobs online design hill

Designhill, an Indian-based company, has found a niche in the global market with its innovative systems. This site is only for graphic design work, and the freelance designers are directed by a team of experts. There are five different approaches for offering assignments to freelance graphic designers on the portal.

Designers are required to build a profile and apply their portfolio. An in-house contractor then reviews and approves the submitted work. When the project is accepted, the designers join the Designhill freelance team. Various competitions are held on a regular basis in which freelancers may apply their work based on the client’s instructions. The best graphic design is chosen by the customer, and the designer is compensated accordingly.

4. Freelancer

find graphic design jobs online freelancer

Freelancer is a career network that hosts various websites on both an international and national scale. The portal gives each freelancer a certain number of bids that can be used to submit a proposal. Bids are automatically renewed on a monthly basis. The portal expects freelance graphic designers to join their educational qualifications, professional experience, and portfolio.

The job board has free and paid models, with premium members receiving an exclusive listing. There are also low-cost ability assessments available. Employees who passed the exam with distinction had a better chance of finding a job than those who did not. The payment process is kept in escrow before the project is completed, and they also provide milestone payment options. The client may also hold competitions to grant assignments to graphic designers.

5. Upwork

find graphic design jobs online upwork

Upwork was initially known as Elance O-desk before being rebranded as Upwork. In addition to graphic design and website design, the portal provides several types of work. The portals operate on a bidding system, and job seekers are given a set number of credits. Extra credits can be bought, and they will be replenished on a regular basis.

To apply for the portal, freelance graphic designers must fill out an online profile and pass a skill test. If they have passed, they can begin looking for jobs on the website. Clients can post project information, and the platform will help them find the best service provider. The bidding process starts once the job is shown.

The project is chosen based on the profile, portfolio, plan, and quotation. The portal also includes a chat function, which allows clients to communicate with the vendor before allocating the project. As a subscription charge, the portal deducts a portion of the project fee.

6. Guru

find graphic design jobs online guru chooses and highlights freelancers and graphic designers based on their qualifications, portfolio, and skills tests. They allow designers to upload their portfolios, which can be viewed by the client. Every month, freelancers are given ten bids that they can use to apply for projects. For a small fee, they may also buy additional bids. To participate in the test, candidates must pay the exam fee.

There are several membership programs that can be bought, and they improve the likelihood of winning a project. If the membership value rises, so does the commission percentage. Graphic designers who pay for membership get more bids and are able to take the skills exams for free. After the client’s approval and the service provider’s order, the invoice for the project is issued at regular intervals.

7. Krop

find graphic design jobs online krop

Krop is well-known for its exceptional business insight into graphic design and website design opportunities for the majority of businesses in the United States and Canada. The business offers both a premium and a free version that can be used by job seekers all over the world. The company may either post a job using the job posting kit or pay a monthly fee to gain access to the entire database of designers.

The designers can access the tasks described in the portal in two ways. They can design a custom website with their portfolio or develop a Krop Talent Profile for free. The web is hosted for a small monthly fee. In addition, the Krop team sends daily emails to designers with job listings, which they may apply for via the website. The website also allows you to share job opportunities on social media.

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