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fontshop promo code

With two decades of industry experience, FontShop has already become a sought-after online provider of the best typefaces in the world. Their website alone features over thousands of fonts derived from different foundries, which includes Linotype, ITC, Monotype and their very own FontFont. The different typefaces are found and published at FontFont library; hundreds of which came from type creators including renowned designers Peter Bil’ak, Neville Brody, Evert Bloemsma, Martin Majoor, Hans Reichel, Albert-Jan Pool, Erik Spiekermann, Just van Rossum and Fred Smeijers. FontShop’s aim has always been “to bring typefaces by designers for designers.” Promo Code for February 2023

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Of course, there’s more to FontShop than its widest typeface selection. You can get various font style ranges from modern to stencil and to sans serif in just a few clicks. FontShop have also launched its big yellow book of typefaces called the FontBook. FontBook is a collection of typeface from various designers and featured foundries presented in a single product. It serves as a reference guide of fonts that contains background information, font samples and more.

Aside from its impressive font compilation, FontShop is also notable for its extensive website features. You can have instant access to the works of their talented designers in just a few clicks. Their blog is not bad either. FontShop’s blog roll is updated regularly with the latest typeface, ideas and design inspirations.  Featured fonts usually have a PDF file in the blog where you can browse glyph covers as well as rousing print samples as you read along. also features HandFont for your handwriting samples; you can have your own digital font scrawl in the site. Additionally, browsing problems will never happen at FontShop since it is capable of storing your browsing favorites and view them again. They have provided a History option in their site homepage. Adding to this is their unique custom preview tool which allows you to change the size and color of the font of choice. ( Newsletters are likewise sent to subscribers for the latest typeface information and font tips from FontShop designers themselves.

In addition, FontShop is a user-friendly website. Site navigation is very simple since they have categorized all their competitor’s standard searches by keywords, niche and traffic. More so, FontShop have two options that help their visitors find the typeface they are searching for. FontShop has a random search option found on their website’s left-hand bar. By simply clicking the link, a selection of fonts is featured with an attached rating system. The moment you logged in again, FontShop will show you your last searches. FontShop’s TypeNavigator is another plus function; you can find the right typeface by simply selection different characters in the visual font system.

Finally, what makes FontShop different from the rest is its Help and Support. Most of their online competitors have chosen to be faceless and nameless from the beginning. The entire Help and Support page is filled with information about the people who works wonders behind FontShop. They also have a comprehensive FAQs section for more site reference.

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