Illustrator Tip #26: Gradients in Illustrator

Gradients are the most basic tool to create realistic colors and objects in Illustrator. This quick Illustrator tips will cover all the little things you need to know to master the gradient tool. Let’s find out what you can do with gradient tool.

Linear Gradient

This is a standard linear gradient from pink to red. To achieve this, open up your gradient palette from Window > Gradient. Select the Gradient Tool and drag from left to right on the rectangle. You can change the color on the gradient stops by clicking the gradient stop and adjust the colors from your Color Palette (Window > Color)

illustrator linear gradient

To adjust the gradient change, you can click the little black diamond on the gradient slider and move it.

illustrator linear gradient

To add a new color stop to the gradient, simply click below the gradient slider and a new gradient stop will appear. Click the gradient stop once to select it and adjust the color using the Color palette. You will now have a different color for the middle gradient.

illustrator linear gradient

To adjust the gradient, we click and drag to adjust the direction of the gradient.

illustrator linear gradient

Radial Gradient

Apply a radial gradient is simple. Select Radial for type under the gradient palette. Adjust the slider and you will be able to create a realistic ball shading.

illustrator radial gradient

Adjusting Radial Gradient

We can create a nice shadow using radial gradient and squashing it. Create a radial gradient as shown from black to white outside.

illustrator radial gradient

Use the selection tool to select it and adjust its height to squash the gradient. Place the radial gradient below the ball to make it as a shadow. Now we have a very nice shadow using the above gradient trick.

illustrator radial gradient

I hope that after this basic gradient tutorial, you will be able to grasp how the gradient tool actually works and have fun with it.

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