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MaxCDN is one of the fastest CDNs available in the market today.  The company has its own network of servers that are SSD-enabled which are connected through a wide array of 10gb connections by Anycast.  Measured at around 39ms by Cedexis, the company has collaborated with peering partners as a way to bring content to its users at the soonest time possible.

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Global positioning

Aside from Asia, the company has its peering partners in 22 and 31 strategic locations found in North America and Europe respectively.  These peers have helped them a lot in latency reduction by way of minimizing ISP hops.  Though it has its own good serving PoPs that are assigned in these areas, their peering partners likewise provide network coverage in the industry’s major markets in order to ensure unwavering speed.

Powerful network

Directly reaching more than 90 countries, MaxCDN’s servers have a dependable CDN service feature that has high peering capability for worldwide handling of any type of load.  In order to monitor the loss and latency issues of packets, it utilizes impressive best-path routing and real-time analysis solutions.  Unlike other high-end networks that use multi-homing in their ups providers, MaxCDN on the other hand directly interconnects with an ISP network that belongs to the end-user category.  This results to achieving a type of performance that is not only significant but also has mile-long speed.

Worldclass features

MaxCDN’s technology profile is filled with loads of tools and features that deliver successful deployment of the customer’s CDN.  Some of these include viewing analytics engine-based reports, exporting REST API-sourced data, and providing new control panelled-zones.  To be specific, these features fall under several categories dubbed as Management, Reporting, Pull Zones, 24/7 Support, and security.

A growing industry with proven optimized performance

MaxCDN has more than 1000 active and satisfied clients which make them one of the fastest growing CDNs today.  Whether they are big or small, these clients not only appreciate the company’s fast turn-around time, they are also grateful of its personalized caring service.  Moreover, their several edge locations enable them fast content distribution to end users and achieve maximum performance goals by accessing files from the nearest geographic location.

Simple yet powerhouse cast

As the company utilizes world-class infrastructure in powering up their CDN, MaxCDN team is composed of success-driven technical-minded engineers that are mentored by competent and supportive managers.  The company is committed to bring high standards of customer service and ensure that each customer needs and satisfaction are met.  Furthermore, they have set a high standard in bringing the best customer experience and coupled it with other relevant factors such as providing high-quality products, ensuring 24/7 support, being surrounded with talented individuals, and having the right mix of strict management policies.  These key players work day in and day out just to make sure that you receive the best web optimization experience.

Success Secrets Revealed

MaxCDN offers unparalleled services that are loved by their customers.  These include free setup, instant activation, high performance, low bandwidth prices, overage protection, and community.

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