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About Mixbook

Mixbook helps you create beautiful memorable photo books for the holidays. Yes, this website produces attractive books with a user-friendly online editor to create your personal photo book. There is no requirement for learning complicated editing tools, only your creativity while dragging, dropping and clicking with the easy to use set of editing tools. Mixbook creation helps create a memorable photo book you can keep it or show it to your friends. It can be your newborn baby, wedding celebration, birthday parties or your graduation. You can choose your own themes, layout design, background art, photos and quotes on every page. Your friends will definitely fall in love with the final art piece created using Mixbook.

Website Features and Tools

Mixbook.com makes album creation fun and enjoyable, you can do it with your friends too. After you have made an album, say a photo book for the holiday, and added some images you can then call your friends to add photographs to it too. You can do this by sending an email invitation. As they accept the invitation, your friends can log in and contribute to the book. Being the creator of holiday book, you have the last say on every detail; however integrating some of your friends ideas makes the final photo book more meaningful. In addition, Mixbook makes it actually easy to pull in photos online. With such a feature, you can compile the perfect shots of all happenings from social networking sites such as Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket, etc.

Quality and Customer Assistance

The printed quality of Mixbook photo book is 100% satisfactory. The final holiday books are appealing and impressive to show it to your friends. Durable hardcover are available at Mixbook to choose from. It also has other covers to choose from depending on your budget.

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