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MyFonts Coupon Promo (70% OFF)

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MyFonts Promo for February 2023

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About Myfonts

Alongside Amazon and Netflix, has turned as among the many triumphant long tail stories created by the World Wide Web and changed the face of marketing fonts online. Having more than a thousand fonts in store, MyFonts. ( com is the place to be if you are looking for great fonts.. Although common fonts like the Helvetica remains to appear as one of the bestsellers, you will be able to find the latest and coolest fonts used in the design industry.

One of the cool features of is the free font tool (WhatTheFont) to help you identify a font you have seen online or in the magazine. It is powered by a unique, patented web-based application that allows a user to identify a font from an uploaded image within a few clicks. On certain occasions like when some fonts are not available on the website, a link directing to another site will be visible where you can purchase it and, if neither of these works, the WTF Forum where industry experts can help you identify the font.

In times when you lose your previously bought fonts, MyFonts can help you painlessly recover and reload everything without any charges at all. This is possible because the site takes a record of your orders and stores it on their own servers. With this, you can browse through your purchases and build a personalized album, which can be useful in classifying various fonts.

New typefaces are being uploaded to on a regular basis. You can visit the What’s New site page to view a list of newly-added fonts in the last two weeks are featured and placed.

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