shutterstock unlimited music promotion

Unlimited Music Subscription Promotion at Shutterstock

shutterstock unlimited music promotion

Do you buy royalty-free background music and SFX frequently for your Youtube video, motion graphics or presentation videos? Shutterstock now offers unlimited music downloads for just $16.60/month. There are no restrictive music licenses on Shutterstock unlike other platforms.

Why Buy Music From Shutterstock?

You get access to 30,000+ tracks and 8,000+ Metaverse-ready immersive SFX just by subscribing to Shutterstock music. On top of them you get additional benefits other stock music sites don’t offer:

✅ No music restrictions on social media ads (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok)
✅ Use in films and theatrical (For students only)
✅ Immersive, Metaverse-ready SFX (Tracks in stereo, 5.1, and ambisonic formats)
✅ Fast search from a reference track
✅ Enjoy a wide variety of music from artists globally
✅ No copyright issues even when the subscription has been cancelled

Shutterstock Unlimited Music Promotion

Click here to get Shutterstock unlimited music subscription for $16.60

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