Premium Tutorial: 3D Volcano Infographics

Learn how to draw 3d infographics in this new premium tutorial. I will explain how I made this 3D volcano infographics in illustrator. This tutorial will cover on how to do the cutaway illustration effect . You will also learn the techniques of using effects such as Texturizer, Mezzotint, Smudge Stick to create the texture effects. Hope you like it and find it interesting.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: Adobe Illustrator

What will you get?

    • Instant download of PDF e-book (29 steps)
    • Detailed step by step tutorial
    • Learn the techniques to rock and earth textures
    • Learn to create 3d infographics diagram from scratch
    • Comes with Ai file for easy reference

Tutorial Preview:

13. Using the Pen Tool, draw a shape similar like the on below and add in some small shapes as ramifications, color them with (255, 125, 10) or other orange color that you like and then select Add to shape area or just group them all. Now, with the Mesh Tool make points inside the shapes and along the vent using different orange tones.

14. Copy and Paste in back this shape(the group) and apply Effect>Stylize>Outer Glow using the values shown below. Then Copy and Paste in front the shape again and apply Effects>Distort>Diffuse Glow setting the values from the image, then lower the Opacity to 25% and set mode to Multiply.

15. Now the image should look like the one below. The secondary vent was made using the same method.

16. I noticed that some of the brushes that comes along with Illustrator(Window>Brush Libraries) are very appropriate for the lava eruption and I decide to use those. Below shows some of the brushes that I will be using in this tutorial.

To make the lava eruption, I used some of those brushes in different sizes. First, draw a curve line and apply the brush effect. Then go to Object>Expand Apperance to expand it so that you can fill them with orange color. Then use the Mesh Tool and start making points just like what you did for the central vent. Try applying different orange, yellow and red tones for the mesh.

17. At this point, the image should look like the one below. All the brushes that I have used are from the Library and shown in the image above.

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