illustrator symmetry shape

Illustrator Tip #21: Drawing Symmetrical Shaped Shield

illustrator symmetry shape

Drawing symmetrical shape in Adobe Illustrator is pretty easy if you know the way. This quick tutorial will teach you how to draw symmetrical shapes in 3 simple steps.

First, we will need to draw the left side of the shield. Start by drawing a straight line with the Pen Tool by holding shift. After that continue to draw the outline of the left shield.

The next step is to reflect the shape. Select the left shield and click Reflect Tool. To make sure we can accurately select the point of the right edge of the shield, we need to enable View > Snap to Point. Click once at the right edge while holding Alt to set the point of reflection. It will pop up the Reflect Window. Select Vertical for Axis and click Copy to create a duplicate on the right side.

Finally combine the 2 shapes by selecting Add to Shape and click Expand. Now you got a nice symmetrical vector shield.

illustrator shield tips

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