30 Best Illustrator Tutorials of 2010

glossy vector

This year we are very excited to bring to you the best Illustrator tutorials of 2010! You will find 30 great Illustrator tutorials to brush up your techniques for this year. You will find lots of tutorials on creating cool text effects and object illustrations.

1. Candy Cane Typography

Create a super cool candy type effect in illustrator and photoshop.

2. Create Interlocking Motifs

Learn how to fill space with interlocking motifs like little pieces of jigsaw puzzle.

interlocking motifs

3. Create a Briefcase Icon

Create a simple briefcase icons with rectangle, ellipses and gradient tool.

briefcase icon

4. 3D Christmas Bells

Learn how to draw 5 different styles of vector Christmas bells using the 3D Revolve Effect in this illustrator tutorial.

christmas bells

5. Summery Poster

How to create a summery poster using the latest Illustrator CS5.

summery poster

6. Creating a Bread Toaster

Learn how to use chrome effect and gradient mesh to create the metallic look of a toaster. The use of texturizer to create the toast bread is also explained in this tutorial.

bread toaster

7. Vector Darts on Bullseye

Make an attractive darts illustration in Adobe Illustrator.

dart board

8. Experimental Type

Study the process on how to draw a beautiful experiment type with the tools available in Illustrator.

experimental type

9. Gothic Linework Typography

Step by step tutorial of the process of creating a Gothic typography using blackletter font.

gothic linework typography

10. Syringe Icon

Simple syringe icon tutorial. Tutorial in Illustrator CS5 to draw a simple syringe icon.


11. Create Grainy Texture

Learn to create grainy texture to use for retro designs!

grainy texture

12. Glossy Vector

Learn to create striking, vibrant work in Illustrator using a simple colour palette and basic blur effects.

glossy vector

13. Flower Leaves Illustration

Draw beautiful flowers and leaves in Illustrator.

flower leaves

14. Folk Art Illustration

In this tutorial, you will learn on how to combine, merge, and manipulate shapes to create a Russian doll.

folk art

15. Yupyland Character Art

This tutorial show you how to draw a cute character drawing.

yupyland character art

16. Burning Sparkler

Create a buning sparkler effect. Learn to make complex lightings with masking and other tools.

Burning Sparkler

17. Tribal Style Illustration

Step by step to create a tribal art in vector.

tribal face

18. Burger Icon

Delicious burger icon done in Illustrator.

Burger Icon

19. Film Strip

Draw a vector film strip from scratch using 3D tools and other effects.

Film Strip

20. Drawing Realistic Liquid

Behind the scenes on drawing realistic vector liquid.

Drawing Realistic Liquid

21. Glowing Neon Signs

Learn to use Appearance Palette to draw complicated Neon signs.

Glowing Neon Sign

22. Glassy Text Effects

Cool tutorial on drawing glassy text effects

Glassy Text Effects

23. Water Drops

Make water drops effects in Illustrator. Learn new commands, tools and techniques in this tutorial.

Water Drops

24. Draw the Super-villian in Megamind

Step by step instructions to draw the super villian in Megamind.

Super-villian in Megamind

25. Illustration Art Piece

Learn how to draw illustrations in Illustrator from start to finish.

shes in a dark place

26. Fancy Gift Bow

Realistic fancy gift bow done in Illustrator.

Fancy Gift Bow

27. Japanese Sushi

Draw a plate of yummy Japanese sushi in Adobe Illustrator.

Japanese Sushi

28. Lady Luck T-shirt

From sketches to final illustration of Lady Luck.

Lady Luck T-shirt

29. Vector Sunset

Make nice vector sunset in Illustrator.

Vector Sunset

30. Artistic Art Piece

Creative art piece done in Illustrator using layering effects.

artistic art piece

So what is your favorite Illustrator tutorial for 2010? What tutorials would you like to see in 2011? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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